Top International Brands For Dog Beds


A dog bed is a large piece of furniture that is used for the sleeping activity of the dog and as a primary location of activities such as relaxation. It consists of a small mattress that is placed on the top of a box which has a spring base for extra comfort to be provided for that kind of furniture. It makes the provision and the additional support for the mattresses. It consists of a small frame for the structure of the beds for the dogs or it contains slats on which the dog furniture lies. The head board, the rails on the sides, the footboard, and the front rail will completely define a bed. There are valance sheets as well as the bed skirts which lie on the dog beds so that they can hide the frames. The dog beds might also come with a set of pillow as well as blankets in order to make the dog feel the human kinds of support. In this guide, we are going to have a look at the various kinds of international brands that provide the top quality in the dog beds furniture in the market.


It was established in the year 1998. Since its establishment, it has set trends in the industry related to the furniture in order to manufacture the dog beds. It is into the manufacture of the quality dog beds. It has a unique quality in the furniture fill for the manufacturing of the beds for the dogs. It makes use of some of the finest and the luxury to be offered in its fabrics that are used for the upholstery purposes. They have set up a new standard in the pet industry. Bowsers have been able to change the industry in which the beds are manufactured specifically for the purpose of the pets. Since the early days, the dog beds used to be very much unattractive and hence they were hidden when there was an arrival of the guests in the house. All this has changed since the brand of Bowsers has entered into the industry in order to manufacture the furniture that is related to the making of the beds for the dogs. The furnishings that are made for the dog beds manufactured by the brand Bowsers are such that they are attractive as well as have a rich blend with the home d?cor.

Woolrich dog beds

The Woolrich dog beds are in charge of the provision of the extra comfort when it comes to the comfort offered by the furniture to the pets in your home. It is believed that the Woolrich beds are so comfortable, they even have the power in order to make the very active state dog also to go to the bed. They make beds for dogs of the high standards. They use only the materials that the dogs like for their touch. The materials that are used by them are smooth as well as comfortable. They have some of the products that have been successful to catch the attention required from the various dog owners in the market. They are ideal for the puppies so that they are able to cuddle up and conduct various activities in the home for the dogs. The beds manufactured by the Woolrich brand have been designed so that the maintenance issues are solved and they feel cozy throughout the night. The covers are detachable and they can be easily washed well.

LL Bean

LL Bean dog beds are designed to provide exceptional comfort. They are constructed used rugged zipped off covers. They have supportive inserts too. They manufacture dog beds into four sizes and 2 shapes that you as an owner of a dog can choose from. Their inserts have gussets that are thick. They also are made up of innovative polyester fill. They have a very few number of spots that are flat. The beds manufactured are somewhat easy to clean. They also come in some of the attractive cotton denims. And also the paid fleece top. You can trust LL Bean to offer your dog comfort, beds are durable, offered in small as well as large sizes.


You can select the perfect dog bed through the dog bed selector that they have in stores. You basically have to tell them the shape, filling and the cover that you are looking for and they will present in front of you a whole range of designs to choose from. There is also a components list that you can choose from for yourself. They ensure that the products purchased through them ensure you and your dog the service for years to come.

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