What Are Tanning Beds And How To Sell Them?


In this guide, we are going to have a look as to what are the tanning beds and how to sell them in the market.

What are tanning beds?

A tanning bed is also called as the sun bed and is a device or an article of furniture which emits the radiation which is ultraviolet in its spectrum. The typical types of ultraviolet radiations that are emitted are UVA 97% and UVB 3%. This ultraviolet radiations emission helps in the production of cosmetic tanning. They equip several fluorescent lamps. These lamps have a blend of phosphor which helps in the emission of the UV. UV is a spectrum that we also get from the natural source of tanning like the sun. Smaller tanning beds that are used in the homes, have 12 to 28 100 Watt lamps. However, those furniture in the line of tanning beds, which are used in the tanning salons, have near about 24 to 60 bulbs, each of 100 Watts or maybe even 200 Watts to be more effective in tanning.

More about tanning beds

There are also available in the market some of the tanning beds that are built using high pressure and also advertised in the same manner in a furniture shop. These have quartz lamps that help possible generation of primarily UVA along with UVB. These also contain the reflector systems along with the desired filters. They are much more expensive, and hence these are less commonly used. There are also available in the furniture lines, the tanning booths which are more or less similar to the tanning beds. The person sleeps on the tanning beds and the lamps are surrounding him which emits the UVA and UVB.

Adverse effects

These tanning beds that are marketed mainly in the common furniture showrooms, they are known to cause some of the adverse effects on the human health. This is mainly because of the overexposure to the UV radiation. Hence the tanning beds can mainly cause skin cancer, cataracts, aging of the skin on a premature basis, etc. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports advise people to not to use tanning beds for the same cosmetic reasons.

How to sell the tanning beds?

Tanning bed as an uncommon product

In order to sell a furniture item like the tanning beds, which are not very common to be used in the homes of the common people, we need to employ some of the special strategies of marketing so that the people get interest generated in them so that they at least have a look at the product line ion furniture section like the tanning beds and then you should make it a point to tell them more and more about the uses, the patterns in the market that are related to the sales of the tanning beds, etc. This will make them re-think and re-consider their decision in order to buy the tanning bed product that is available with you.


The price fixation that you do for the sale of the tanning beds you intend to sell plays one of the most important roles in the selling of the tanning beds to the prospective customers of yours. The sales strategy that you may employ for tanning beds may not work at all in case your price fixation goes wrong and hence it is advisable to rely more on fixing of the prices. The fixing of the prices entirely depends upon you. You have a freedom to choose the price, hence make best use of it by fixing the price according to the age, condition, furniture brand, utility etc. of the tanning bed to the potential customer. The guide lines of the prices are up to the seller. You should remember that aiming to sell the tanning bed for too less can totally make it an inability unknowingly to sell it.


You need to make sure that when you describe about the model of the tanning beds to the customers, they should have a complete overview not only in your description, but also the pictorial view of the product that you want to sell to the customer. You need to take pictures from all sides and cover every possible angle. Description with the help of pictures always helps to sell in a more effective manner.

Flyers and other advertising media

It is a form of advertising. The sale of the tanning beds are best targeted to the customers who come regularly to the beauty or health care salon so that they can make use of the tanning beds. They might be interested in order to own one of theirs as an article of furniture. It may have utility for them. Hence post flyers at the tannin centers around in your area. Apart from that, marketing on the internet, blogs, websites, social networking media like Facebook, local newspapers or even TV ads will do the advertising needs.

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