What Are Adjustable Beds And How To Buy Them?


In this guide we are going to have a look at the adjustable beds and a guide as to how to buy the adjustable beds.

What is an adjustable bed?

An adjustable bed is the furniture one which has a surface that is multi hinged. It can be profiles according to the needs of the person resting on it to a number of different positions. There are some of the common adjustments to be made just like the changing of the inclination of the upper body and also to the raising of the lower body into some of the positions that are suited for the comfort.

The adjustable beds, mainly find their applications in the hospitals that they have been used since a very long time. But, the statistics reveal that the adjustable beds have been used to a more extent in the home care when peeped into the furniture sales over the last three decades. These beds are extremely useful since they have been noted to provide relief from certain conditions for the humans. The hospital beds that have been used in the home care and the hospitals are very much similar when it comes to the exploration of their basic functionalities. However, the hospital beds have a special requirement of being more resistant to the contamination from the diseases that are caused by the conditions of the various patients.

The most used structure that is available in the furniture section related to the adjustable bed is that of a base that is slatted, equipped with a motor that is twin drive or a triple drive. The support that is provided to the mattresses lying on the adjustable beds comes from the flexibility of the slats. There are these elastic mountings that are tied on the basic frame of the beds. The slatted bases are light in weight and hence they can be lifted with lightweight actuators.

The structure that is more advanced is the base that is fully flexible. It is called as ?boxspring? commonly, but it has no springs on it. They help in the provision of the support to the mattresses in every pressure point. Their weight is more and hence they require a motor that is more powerful. They provide better support to the mattresses.

How to buy the adjustable beds?

Construction vs. price

When you need to buy an adjustable bed in the market, there are plenty of options out there for you. But when you decide to buy a bed for yourself, you are actually making an investment for yourself for the next 5 to 10 years. Hence it is very much essential that you need to try out the very same bed that you are going to buy. You need to have a look at the construction of the bed rather than just looking at the price tags that are associated with it and then selecting or rejecting it on a price basis. You cannot be absolutely sure about the comfort provided by a bed based on the price tag that comes along with it. The difference that is caused by the prices is the number of springs that are deployed in the adjustable beds, single or multiple ones.


You need to get hands on in the testing of the adjustable beds that you buy. You need to operate on yourself the various adjustment levels and the comfort that is associated in each of the levels. You need to test by actuating each motor. The mattress support is tested by lying beside the sleeping partner. The requirement is that when one of the person or enters or leaves the bed, the other person who is sleeping on it should not feel motion.


You need to read as well as understand the specifications that are involved in the manual that comes along with the mattress that you consider to buy. Have a look at the number of coils and also the gauge of the wire that is associated with it. They are nothing but the indicators of the firmness and hence that determine quality. Generally it is seen that when more number of coils are deployed, the mattress becomes more firm to the sleeping needs of the individuals.


Feel the mattress with your hands. Check out the rubber latex and also the viscoelasticity that are offered by a number of brands. The foam must be dense enough so that it can absorb the required amount of energy. It should also be heat sensitive and it should adjust to the mass and the temperature of the human body that is lying on that adjustable bed.


Determine the size needed according to the specifications of your body as well as the size of your room. Take a test nap on such adjustable bed to check the comfort level.

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