Brands To Consider While Buying Beds And Mattresses In India


In this guide, we are going to have a look at the various brands that are to be considered when you think of buying good beds and mattresses in India.

Springwel mattresses

Springwel Mattresses Pvt. Ltd. is considered as a pioneer of the technology in the spring mattresses in India. They are considered to be much more ?sleeper friendly? than any other brand of mattresses in India. They make furniture types of mattresses that are a rare combination of the comfort along with the support down under them. At Springwel, there are innovations in the technology of the manufacturing of the mattresses. They always try to upgrade their technology of making furniture and they are able to come up with better solutions for a good night?s sleep. It is a part of their work culture. They are anxious to create an identity in the Indian market. Their motto is to develop such good quality in mattresses that when people think of comfort in sleeping, they should not look beyond any brand rather than Springwel.

The mattresses that are manufactured by the Springwel mattresses are available in all the leading showrooms all over India. They have an ever increasing customer base. Their customers are satisfied with whichever product of Springwel mattresses that they buy. Their products in furniture lines are of extremely good quality as well as their services are very prompt. The customers of Springwel mattresses range from normal household individuals to the hotels, corporate houses and hospitals. Several government and private institutes in India also go for these brands of mattresses.

Kurl On mattresses

Kurl On mattress is one of the leading manufacturers of mattresses and beds in India. They are authorized manufacturers all over India. They have been in business of the beds and mattresses since over forty years, but they have gained popularity the most in the last ten years. They offer some of the best quality as well as the best in their deals and services. The customers of Kurl On brand in India include all leading business houses who are already satisfied with their products in the furniture lines of beds and mattresses.

They are the major players in the industry that is related to the comfort. They give attention to the activities for expansion as well as definite direction and new dimensions and horizons to the business goals of theirs. They believe in more growth in each and every financial year. Hence they always attempt to operate on a larger canvas. The brand always promises to manufacture a whole range of a variety of products to offer quality as well as reliability in their services.

Fibroflex India Pvt. Ltd.

The brand called as ?Fibroflex? stands for the best quality to be offered in the rubberized coir mattresses industries. This brand boasts their quality of mattresses to be of standard 80 densities. They are endorsed by the certification through the Bureau of Indian Standards as firm grade mattresses. It is passed test of the Indian Standards Institute (ISI) mark. They use the best materials in the industry for the manufacturing of the mattresses. Hence they are able to achieve one of the best qualities that are offered in the furniture industry. They claim to provide best support to be given to the back of the humans when in the sleeping position. They also provide coolness in the summer season and warmth in the winter season. Fibrolex has following types of products in their beds and mattresses:

? Fibrolex Gold
? Fibrolex Quilt
? Fibrolex Deluxe
? Koolflex Quilt
? Koolflex Deluxe

Restolex Mattresses

Restolex is a brand of beds and mattresses in India that has its presence in the Indian market since twenty six years. They are based in the Bangalore city in India. It boasts to be known as a pioneer in the business that is related to the manufacturing as well as the design of the products which offer good sleep to their customers. They have employed research that has lasted for years in the beds and mattresses for quality and comfort. They have skilled laborers who are trained with the know-how of the foreign technology. They claim to produce top quality products that can match or beat the quality of the any of the leading brands in India for beds and mattresses. It is an ISO 9001-2000 certified company.

The vision as well as the mission statement of this company is to be one of the brands that are renowned for excellence. They offer value added products in sleeping industry. They always try to penetrate the new markets and hence make an expansion out of their business. They have always strived to integrate their existing as well as newly purchased infrastructure in order to cater for the competition in the international markets.

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