Top USA Brands For Beds And Mattresses


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top brands in the USA for the furniture categories like the beds and mattresses.

Ashley Furniture Industries

Ashley furniture Industries is a bed and mattresses manufacturing industries in the United States of America. It is headquartered in the Arcadia, Wisconsin. The company for beds and mattresses is owned by father and son duo who are Ron and Todd Wanek. It is the company which is into the business of beds and mattresses distribution not only in the US, but also throughout the world. It has operations through the 2 distribution channels. They have independent furniture dealers and also the more than 400 retail stores in the brand name of their own. They are either owned independently or are operated through the licenses in the USA, Mexico, Canada, etc. It is one of the leading manufacturers and also the top selling brand in the beds and mattresses in the world.

It was found by Carlyle Weinberger in the year 1945 as an operation of the sales of the furniture. It used to initially specialize in the wooden furniture for occasional purposes. They used to market the good manufactures by the local companies before they started a full run business in the line of beds as well as mattresses. It employs around 18000 people in the world throughout all the locations as well as its revenue is around US $ 3.3 billion from its sales in various products all over the world. History reveals that more people in Arcadia were employed by this beds and mattresses brand that what used t be the population of the entire town in the year 2000. It produces bedroom lines which includes the mattresses and beds and also the accessories. It is the largest retail brand, though basically a manufacturing unit for beds and mattresses.


Dormia is a brand in the USA for beds and mattresses. They are dedicated to the manufacturing of one of the finest that they can offer in the mattresses. They are highly skilled through their dedicated craftsmanship; their designs are innovative, etc. They have a mission statement which reads that they have ultimate in the comfort for the provision of the mattresses. They guarantee most comfortable as well as restorative sleep through their mattresses.

The headquarters of the Dormia Inc. are located in the Jessup, Maryland. It was founded in the year 1991. They ensure longer lasting sleep through their mattresses. It is publicly traded in the New York Stock Exchange. The brand manufactures a world class facility in the beds and specially the mattresses. The factories of Dormia are one of the most modern that can be found for any of factories that are dedicated to the manufacturing of the beds and mattresses in USA. They build each and every mattress by blending the finest materials that are available.

Hallmart collectibles

The Hallmart collectibles mattresses are designed specifically in order to make the customers gain the maximum amount of their comfortable sleep. It features the maximum comfort to be extracted through their furniture brand of exclusive to be offered in the beds and mattresses. Hallmart collectibles is recognized in the US as the innovators in the industry, pioneer as well as a market leader when it comes to the design and the manufacture of the sleep systems which provide quality in their beds and mattresses in the market.

The organization called as the Trump as well as Hallmart collectibles have developed an association or a business venture so that they can produce some of the exclusive range in the Trump home bedding. The collection includes the beds, mattresses and the bedding accessories. It is promised to transform the complete look of the bedrooms when these brands are suited in anyone?s bedroom in US. It is a product line that is inspired by the quality. It offers sophistication as well as the attention paid to detail when the beds and mattresses are manufactured. It will be a unique collection that is offered at least to the market in the US. The headquarters of the Hallmart Collectibles is located in the Studio city in the California in US.

Wildcat Territory

In USA, Wildcat Territory is a brand offered in the bedding accessories, beds, linens and mattresses. This brand has been in business in the US for the last 15 years. They produce beautiful products that are defined by quality. The fabrics in the beds and mattresses are rich and supposed to be sophisticated. The colors are fresh and the styling is very much unique. They are committed to the manufacturing of the beds and mattresses in United States of America.

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