Top UK Brands For Beds And Mattresses


In this guide, we are going to have a look at the top beds as well as mattresses manufacturers in the United Kingdom.

Airsprung Beds

Airsprung Beds is the company which manufactures the furniture line in the beds and mattresses category in the United Kingdom since a number of years. It is located in the Wiltshire County of the British land. It has been in business in the lines of production of the beds and mattresses since over a number of one hundred and thirty years. It has been the single rite manufacturer of the furniture in the United Kingdom. Their products include a range of exclusive mattresses, divans, bedsteads made up of metal as well as wood. The furniture manufactured by this brand is available throughout the United Kingdom. They have a range of furniture that they manufacture such that they can be sold to any class of the people since they take care that the beds and the mattresses that they manufacture is able to suit every budget possible. They produce the beds and mattresses of any size. There are beds and mattresses available for children as well as for the furniture in the bedroom. It is a trading name of the Airsprungs furniture Limited. It is responsible for providing the employment to 600 people on a nationwide basis in the United Kingdom.

Beever Beds Ltd.

Beever Beds Ltd. is a small family firm that is into the business of manufacturing of the beds and the mattresses. It is committed to provide the people of the UK with the highest levels of craftsmanship and is currently using the best of the materials so that they can produce beds and mattresses with quality. They are in charge of the beds and mattresses on a custom made basis to be sold directly to the public. The other clients of the Beever Beds Ltd. include the hotels and nursing homes, at various levels of prices that are offered in the factory. It is located in the Whitby, New Yorkshire. They are into the business of manufacturing of the beds for over more than 18 years. They have the location of their factory as the Moors National Park situated in the beautiful regions of the New Yorkshire.

The staffs that they have for factories are highly skilled so that they can guarantee customer satisfaction to their demands in the high quality to be offered in the beds and mattresses. Each of the mattresses and the base is made by the skilled laborers by their hands and therefore they can give them a look of various sizes and shapes. This includes the circular as well as beds which are outsize. All of these can be made to custom order as well as can be constructed.

Cumberland Bedding Company

Cumberland Bedding Company has over 125 years of experience in the business related to the making of the beds and mattresses. They claim to offer delivery service which is unrivalled. They build each and every mattress by blending the finest materials that are available. Statistics reveal that out of all the orders for the beds and mattresses that they get from the various parts of the United Kingdom, they deliver 80 per cent of them in the next 72 hours, which is quite fast and hence sets a bench mark in the industry. They used to market the good manufactures by the local companies before they started a full run business in the line of beds as well as mattresses. They are based in a suburb of London. They have been able to build in their reputation on the basis of their service. They produce beautiful products that are defined by quality. The fabrics in the beds and mattresses are rich and supposed to be sophisticated. They deliver quality and value in their products along with the beds and the mattresses. They claim that no matter you choose any of the mattresses that are manufactured by this company; it is bound to enhance the sleeping experience for the customers.

Carpenter Ltd.

Carpenter Ltd. has been in the business of manufacturing and selling of the beds and the mattresses for over the last fifty years. They use a special type of foam called the polyurethane foam and many these kinds of products. They are into the business of providing comfort to the millions of people all over the world. They have an extensive showroom at a location called as The Old Mill, Stakesby Vale. This company is the member of the National Bed Federation of the UK. Hence they advocate high standards to be displayed in the workmanship and service in the manufacturing segments in the UK.

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