Top Australian Brands For Beds And Mattresses


In this guide, we are going to see some of the top brands in the country of Australia that we need to consider when we buy the beds and the mattresses.

Sleepyhead Manufacturing

This brand is a privately owned company. It is in the business of providing some of the premium mattresses to Australia. It is also in charge of the business of the manufacturing of the foams as well as the underlay that is required for the beds and mattresses. Sleepyhead has gained reputation in the country of Australia for being able to produce the world class brand. It has a range of products that is extensive. It has a network a network of wholesalers and retailers that are licensed and are comprehensive. They have been in the forefront of the manufacturing of the beds and mattresses. They are also accredited for innovating since it was started by the owners about 75 years ago. It claims to be the world?s most innovative manufacturers of the beds. This brand begun its journey by manufacturing of the small kapok beds and mattresses and no other furniture in a small factory shed. The business, however, grew much rapidly as expected through the strategic acquisition. It is one of the fastest growing manufacturers of the mattresses in Australia. It offers quality, comfort and a great sleep at night through its extensive range of products.


It is a family business in the manufacturing and the design of the beds and mattresses. It has been into existence for the last 75 years. They have been offering a complete range of bedding based on the quality. They have a team of expert advisors who advise them so as to how to ensure their customers with the required amount of comfort for a sleep in the night through their innovative products. They offer great prices too in their products. The brand is purely from Brisbane, owned and operated till date by a family. They have a set of staff that is qualified as well as professional. They are of the opinion that the right kind of bed finding is difficult since every customer has his own set of requirements. Hence they have a staff that is not only friendly, but also dedicated towards the providing of the efficient service from the time of the customer?s presence in the showroom till the moment the customer is at home receiving the order.

It offers guaranteed low prices. They are aware of the value that the customers require when they buy any products. They take pride in themselves in a store which delivers true value. They offer great package deals. They have over 500 employees. They are quite professional when it comes to the delivery. They have extended their growth in the Asian countries as well. Their beds and mattresses are handmade to perfection.

Adriatic Slumber Bedding

Since the year 1974, they have been into the bed and mattresses business which offers state of the art and handmade products. It has been the single rite manufacturer of the furniture in the country of Australia. They follow the latest in the European design when it comes to the manufacturing of the beds and mattresses. They deploy the best of materials from Australia when it comes to the manufacturing of the beds and mattresses and any other furniture if any. Their products include a range of exclusive mattresses, divans, bedsteads made up of metal as well as wood. The furniture manufactured by this brand is available throughout the Australia. The machinery that they use in the production is of the latest technology and is the in thing in the bedding and furniture manufacturing industry. Each of the mattresses is made by the skilled laborers by their hands and therefore is available in a look of various sizes and shapes. The founders of this company are Roko and Jan Rancic. They began business in the similar lines in the city of Adelaide in South Australia. With the passion and determination for the mattresses, the business has moved much forward. They produce the beds and mattresses of any size.

Hideaway Beds

Hideaway Beds Ltd. are a business that is operative in Australia for providing the needs of the customers to save some space in home since they are into the manufacturing of the normal beds as well as the wall beds which can be hidden when they are not to be used. This purpose of space saving is in the mission statement of this brand of beds and mattresses. The location that they are based in Australia is Rockdale Mattress Factory in the New South Wales state. They provide services and products with integrity through fairness, honesty and dignity.

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