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There is a very strong competition in Australia for the retailers in the world and market of fashion of the fashion clothing. There are fashion clothing fashion choices along with the clothing of the celebrities on one side as well; there is a choice of the street fashion clothing for the other individuals. Fashion clothing can also be the artistic arrangement of accessories. It can also be worn at a social event or any such occasions which need a display of portrayal of any of the characters as well as some sense of fashion. In this guide, we are going to have a look at the different brands of Australia that are amongst the top in the market of fashion clothing.

Sass and Bide

Sass and Bide is an Australian label for fashion that is to be offered in the various fashion clothing which are sold in the market. It is internationally acclaimed as well as recognized all over the world. It is famous for the quirkiness that is offered by this brand in the fashion clothing. This brand is mostly known for the provision of over the top styling. It was founded and owned also by Sarah-Jane Clarke and Heidi Middleton in the year 1999. There are two famous and distinctive ranges that are offered by the brand, which are sass & bide and s&b vibe. They have a collection of spring/summer collection which is called as ?cassie love? range of clothing.

Wayne Cooper

Wayne Cooper is one of the leading brands in the fashion clothing industry in Australia. Wayne Cooper is the brand name that is a designer house for fashion clothing based on for the clothing material related to the various fashion clothing needs in Australia. They are up to date with the latest trends in the industry and they keep an eye on the same with attention towards the changing trends in Australia. They keep the latest in fashion when it comes to the styles; colors as well as they go an extra mile to ensure the same. The origin of this brand was from a single store in the south of Adelaide city in Australia. Since then, it has grown to include as including some of the major stores of fashion clothing in the major cities all over the country of Australia. Everyone who works in the manufacturing and the design department of this brand has a well to do passion for the decent in the clothing when it comes to the fashion clothing. They have the tie ups with the manufacturers who offer latest trends in styles especially for the fashion clothing of the female gender.


This brand is very famous and also they have a huge catalog for the various types of fashion clothing. Under this brand label, it has launched several types of fashion clothing with the designs that are not only innovative, but also very much unique to this brand. Soon after the launch of this brand, there was an expansion in the collection of the fashion clothing into the seasonal ready-to-wear types of fashion clothing.

This brand, although it evolved in Australia, the brand gained rapid success and hence distribution chain in the United States, Middle East, Asia as well as Europe.

Leona Edmiston

It is the brand of Australian based fashion clothing. It is very famous in the entire regions of Australia and one of the top selling brands in the same. It is a fashion house for the fashion clothing that is based in the city of Sydney in Australia. Previously, this brand of clothing in Australia was begun by the name of Morrissey Edmiston. This has history of the development and the launching of the brand in conjunction and coordination with Peter Morrissey in the 1980s. The label of Morrissey Edmiston was famous in the fashion clothing for as long as 14 years in Australia. In 1996, there was an occurrence of the splitting of the label and Leona Edmiston started solo label which is this brand of fashion clothing. This is now operated with her husband Jeremy Ducker since the year 2001. It is a brand in fashion clothing that has made very frequent appearances in the Australian fashion week.


Akira is one of the most prominent labels in the fashion clothing industry in Australia. It is a very contemporary fashion design house. This is because; most of the inspiration that goes behind the design of the fashion clothing is mostly from the contemporary Japanese design. Being very famous, Akira?s fashion clothing has been put to display at a number of major Australian galleries. The market for the fashion clothing produced under this label is sold not only in Australia, but also in New Zealand. Apart from there, it also caters European markets like in Paris.

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