Top USA Brands For Swimwear


A swimwear is an item pertaining to the clothing requirements designed to be worn on occasions that make you indulge in any of the water related activities like swimming, jet skiing, water polo, diving etc. It can also be worn during some of the activities in the sun such as sun bathing. It can also be used in the undergarment requirements in some of the sports. They are also worn when there needs to be some show of the skin. An example of such requirement would be the beauty contests. Some of the examples of the swim wears include the board shorts, swim trunks, jammers, briefs, bikinis, G-strings etc. In the guide to follow, we are going to have a look at some of the top brands in the USA for swimwear.


Roxy is one of the most popular brands in the clothing related to the swim wear in the US. It is a popular brand of swimwear for females in the US. It was founded in the year 1990. It was launched in the world of swim wear fashion by its brother brand, also in US called as Quicksilver. The Roxy logo was brought into existence in the year 1993. The Roxy logo is very much similar to the Quicksilver logo. It is a heart shaped crest. The brand has been growing in the clothing industry and is being more adopted for fashion by the women. It is a large apparel company. In order to cater the requirements of the market, the brand Roxy is also in charge of the provision of the accessories related to the swimwear. It also provides wetsuits, footwear, and products in the several other categories. Its headquarters in the US are located in the Huntington suburb of the California state in the US. It is popular amongst women for the water related sports activities. In particular, it is popular in the surf and the snow activities. The designers behind the team Roxy include the athletes of the world class.

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Victoria?s secret

Victoria?s secret is a brand in the US for the clothing needs of the women pertaining to the swimwear requirements. It has the largest sales in the world related to the swim wear, lingerie, beauty products etc. the net worth being all of it as US $ 5 billion. It itself has an operating income of US $ 1 billion. It is also known very well for its online fashion show. It features top fashion models in its collection for the various advertisements. It was started in the year 1977 in the city of San Francisco. The owner was then Ray Raymond who was a Stanford graduate. He first ever store of Victoria?s secret was started in the department store at the Stanford Shopping Center. From then onwards, it has continued to experience the growth following the fashion trends and catering the requirements of different markets.

The sales staffs in the stores of this brand are very helpful, especially for the men who want to buy clothing for their loved ones and are embarrassed. Hence it contains the wood paneled walls, Victorian details etc. The sales staff would help the men to browse through the different collection and would give them an estimate of the correct size for the women. In the year 1980s this brand went through a rapid but great expansion for women in the markets of the US. In the late 1990s the brand became top sellers of the lingerie and the swimwear, with topping of more than a billion dollars.

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The founder of this brand is Paula Hermanny. Since a long time, the designer?s dream was to create an exceptionally creative brand in the swim wear for the women. The designer of this brand then had to travel around the world in order to make a detailed study of the swimwear that is currently in fashion around the world and what creative developments could be made in the field of swimwear industry to bring in the change in the current fashion industry. The collections that are designed by this brand annually bring in a confidence in the women who are in their swimwear. They create the latest trends in the season.

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Speedo USA

It is the manufacturer of the swimwear and the accessories. The company was started by Alexander McRae. It is one of the world?s largest selling swimwear brand. It manufactures recreational as well as competitive swimming clothing. It was founded in as early as 1940. It is very well known throughout the world for its innovation in the Speedo bathing costume. It became the publicly traded corporation post world war two in the year 1951.

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