Top Australian Brands For Swimwear


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top brands in Australia for the swimwear to be purchased in the country of Australia.

Baku Australia

Baku is one of the leading Swimwear companies in the country of Australia. It was started by the now directors of this brand Dax and Tamara Bykerk. This designer duo is of a brother and a sister. The Baku Australia has also a sister brand that is called as the Ginja. The Baku collection is there in order to depict style, sophistication and the fit which is to be perfect. Baku is there in order to offer a collection in the glamorous separates. It has a set of cut outs that are exotic in appearance. Also the designs offered in the one piece are very sleek in their appearance. They make the women in the swimwear confident as well as they enhance their sex appeal. The brand offers some of the excellent fits, designs which are innovative and the prints that depict a tinge of sophistication and exclusiveness. The sister brand of Baku Australia, called as the Ginja, offers a collection that is eclectic. They are mostly into the collection for young ladies. They offer some of the very strong patters, vibrant as well as color combinations that are very much appealing and explosive in appearance. The Ginja is for the ladies who want to appear sexy, cool, and confident as well as experience freedom and comfort in terms of their clothing.

Slix Australia

The brand called as the Slix Australia is made in Australia and is 100 per cent Australian owned. In a sense, it calls Australia to be its home. They are committed in order to provide fun through their vibrant color patterns. They have mission statement that is to offer competitive swimwear for the Australian ladies. They provide clothing in swimwear for all the purposes, be it, getting trained in order to become a great surfer, lifesaver etc. Their clothing in the swimwear collections are offered to be in the pools for the Australians who go for contesting the swimming championships in the Olympics. They offer great in terms of quality, swimwear that are comfortable and that too at a price that is very much reasonable.

The brand contains the top people who have a great experience in the swimwear or the swimming related activities. They constantly make a good use of their experience in the design as well as the testing of their swimwear. They have a company policy in order to encounter growth and provide the clothing in the swimming, triathlon, water polo, and all other activities that are related to the water activities. The factory of this brand is situated in the Smeaton Grange in the city of Sydney of Australia.

Firefly swimwear

Firefly brand offers designs that are bold and beautiful as well as vibrant, outstanding and vivacious. This brand is impresses by the styles that are depicted in the vintage/retro. It provides the tropical hues that are the flavor in the air that is depicted by the tropical holidays. This brand provides various styles be it, kaftan, sun dress as well as tunic. They provide a set of separates for the ladies of the modern world. They make a drastic transformation in the swimwear and take the people from the beach to the feeling of the pool side. It is designed completely in Australia. They provide a lot of comfort in the harsh Australian sun. Wendy Morton Edwards is the main designer that is behind the collection that is offered by the Firefly brand. The designer launched this brand in the year 2003 in the city of Sydney, Australia. Since then, this brand is successfully been able to cause some vibrant changes in the markets of Australia pertaining to the clothing in swimwear. Also, Firefly brand has been able to achieve tremendous success and has become Australia?s one of the most leading and the promising brands in the clothing of swimwear. This brand is passionate about using colors, designing the swimwear in the different textures available.

Rival swimwear

Rival brand of swimwear originated in the year 1993 and it was brought into existence by the designer duo of Brian and Corin Powell. They had previously an agreement in the swimwear in the Australian markets with a company named as Arena International. Since then they started creating their own made Australian swimwear brand. This brand is renowned in the Australian markets and is gaining reputation for its high quality swimwear manufacturing. It provides some of the exceptional fit, but without any compromise in the comfort level to the women wearing it. It is using currently the high performance fabric for the same.

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