Top Australian Brands For Lingerie


In this guide, we are going to have a look at some of the top brands of Australia that are needed to be considered when you shop for lingerie in Australia.


Berlie is an Australian brand that has been in the business of lingerie since near about 100 years. It all started with this brand when nearly 100 years ago, it was started as a boutique corset manufacturer in the Sydney city of Australia. As of this date, there is a manufacturing statistics of nearly 2 million bras and other lingerie items by this brand in each of the financial years for this brand. This brand is proud to be of Australian heritage. They are tending in order to remain committed to provide lingerie for women for real. The brands manufactured set of lingerie can be worn anywhere, no matter if you are at play, managing the kids, work, out for an evening on a special occasion, this brand has all the needs in the lingerie market.

This brand has been very active towards the cure for the breast cancer for the women of Australia. In the October month of 2010, this brand has launched a new collection of pink colored bras so that the women who buy these bras, out of every bra that is sold in this collection, AU $ 5 goes towards the research and development of the breast cancer. They are active members in the lingerie market for the Breast Cancer Network Australia. This brand was started by the two brothers named as Fred and Arthur Burley who were very ambitious and eager to become entrepreneurs. They started with the holding in the shares in a small corset business in Australia.

Little Minx

It is the brand that is owned by a team of husband and wife. The ambition and the mission statement of this brand are to provide the best in the lingerie market and hence they work towards the making of the fabulous lingerie available to the audience. They sell their collections across the globe. The range that is offered by this brand is exclusive. The head designer for this brand is Ursula Dunne. She has been in the industry pertaining to the lingerie section for the last 10 years and has been dedicated. The passion of this brand is to design high fashion lingerie and that too without the price tag of that of the designer. The Little Minx lingerie is ideal for a woman who wants to opt for the feminine looks of hers. The brand is into a lot of mix and match of the colors so that they finally can arrive at a lingerie design that is very unique, and looks fantastic. The Summer collection of this brand has just been released in the recent past.

This brand uses more of lustrous satin, spot chiffon, lace, floral embroideries that are delicate etc. into the designing of the lingerie by them. This brand is more oriented towards the provision of new fun, chic as well as sexy lingerie label. This brand is for women who want to show off their assets. The more emphasis is also given in order to make the wearer comfortable of that they are wearing beneath.


This is Australia?s own brand of lingerie. The brand ambassador for this brand is the former Miss Universe, Jennifer Hawkins. She also comes to the board in order to promote and make some suggestions in the design of the lingerie that is to be done by this brand. When this brand was started in Australia, the clothing of the lingerie had its employee number to about 150 and was based at Victoria road, Rydalmere. The company had a pretty fast growth in Australia since its expansion policy had to acquire some of the existing lingerie brands in the then Australian market. Loveable brand has a special collection called as the ?Kissed? which is for the market in Australia and New Zealand. It advertises in the print media as well as in the form of the outdoor campaign. The brand got larger and larger when it gained popularity because of its extensive range and exclusive designs.

Pussycat Dolls

This brand is responsible of the design of the lingerie clothing such that it is simply bold, glamorous as well as sexy. It was founded by Robin Antin whose inspiration was the actual original stage show costumes. This brand is fund for women, fashion which is detailed as well as flirtatious. They have multilayered designs featured by the fabric which is specifically imported from Spain and Italy.

The silhouettes of this brand offer vintage looks to the women who wear them because of the way that they are designed.

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