Top UK Brands For Lingerie


In this guide, we are going to have a look at the top brands in the United Kingdom for shopping of lingerie.


Jules Fosset is the founder and the owner of this brand in the UK for lingerie. The designer when the brand was created was in awe about the gap in the market pertaining to whether to develop a brand in the clothing or the lingerie section for women. Then finally, a decision was made and the brand in lingerie was developed by the designer. This brand is the one which is bewildered by the cause in order to create a lingerie section for those women who have attained or are in the stages of maternity. Apart from lingerie for maternity, this brand features an exclusive line of clothing in the lingerie section for women.

However, it is also true that the lingerie section for the maternity section was developed by the designer even though the fact that she herself has never attained maternity till date. It is the passion to be unique in the lingerie section that led to the creation of this brand exclusive for women. The brand is a believer that when luxury is imparted to any collection of the lingerie, it is obvious that the women who wear it instantly go through the feeling of being more feminine as well as get sparkling.

When this brand was created in the UK, there was a lot of testing, research involved as well as speaking to the housewives who are experienced about the comfort that is offered by the lingerie specially made for them. Then there was all the trial and error in the design when they actually came up with their first piece of lingerie. These include the embedding of invisible nursing clips, breast pad holders, pretty straps, large bottom and flatter briefs etc. all customized according to the needs.

Curves Lingerie Ltd.

The brand Curves Lingerie Ltd. is there for some reason in the industry pertaining to the clothing needs in the lingerie market. They do not compromise on the comfort that is desired and deserved by the women. It is supportive as well as very stylish. They have a special A-list of collection of lingerie for women. These collections are exclusive as well as priced high. These clothing in lingerie design is made by hand. They are designed by the atelier of seamstresses based in the United Kingdom.

The full figure bras that are designed by this brand are specifically sized up versions of the styles of the bras which are into existence. They believe in the strong hold in the relationships with their customer through a series of services that can guarantee satisfaction for the customers.

The designer is a brainchild of the St. Martin?s fashion print before the development of this brand. The goal of this brand in the lingerie is to make development in fashionable bras, well balanced basics in the lingerie section, panties and also camisoles. They are designed in energetic young colors, such that the price range that is cost for this lingerie is not much.


Fashion was the passion of the designer of this brand since early days when this brand of lingerie was not yet formed in the United Kingdom. The designer of this brand in her teenage started with the designing of the clothes for her family as well as friends. The lingerie product of this brand is after the tactful consideration of the women?s fashion design. They have a very special set of collection of clothing in lingerie called as the Bow knickers which have a sexy bottom cleavage as well as silk tails that are very free to flow. It sums up the image of the Damaris that it has as a lingerie brand in the UK. The brand has a strong hold in the lingerie market provide by the United Kingdom. Apart from the usual lingerie collection, Damaris also launches the bikini collection annually. The lingerie of Damaris has rich prints in cotton and the deliberately put and noticeable hipster buttons.


Royce is the brand in the clothing of lingerie that is special considered by the women for the wire free bras that are manufactured by this brand. They provide extra comfort for the women. They produce bras that are worn for comfort on the everyday basis, nursing, pregnancy, etc. They have a motive of getting the right fit bras since they are the believers that a bra should fit right on to the body of a woman. They have a very experienced team of designers when it comes to the designing of the lingerie for this brand. Every style of this brand is tested and tried.

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