Top USA Brands For Clothing


In this guide, we are going to have a look at the top brands in the United States of America for all the types of clothing.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is one of the biggest brands in the USA for clothing. It started around forty years ago just with a business of design and selling of ties to the customers in the USA. This brand is responsible for the redefining of the American fashion. Ralph Lauren is always with a business goal of provision of the quality products to the USA. It invites people to be fashionable. They are the innovators of the lifestyle advertisements. They encourage the customers to participate in redefining their lifestyle through their clothing and fashion accessories. It takes the participation of the customers to a new level. It is a rich, but also an interesting destination for the clothing needs of the public of USA. You can shop for great clothing for yourself in one of their stores which are located in more than 40 countries. It is the style and culture of Ralph Lauren that invited the customers to shop in one of their stores. also sell Ralph Lauren clothing online. Click on this picture to buy.

Calvin Klein

It is a fashion brand that was founded in the year 1968 by Calvin Klein. It has headquarters in the midtown Manhattan of the New York City of the USA. It is now, however, currently owned by the American clothing company called Philips Van Heusen. The Calvin Klein brand also established a world famous logo just like the other brands have. It is the manufacturer and the designer of the black label, gray label, white label, sports apparel, jeans, underwear and other various collections in store to choose from. It has elegant Calvin Klein collection as well as the ultra high end cK stores in the various parts of the world like Paris, Seoul, Hong Kong, etc.

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Nike deals mainly in the clothing that are worn mostly during the sports activities. It also serves as an equipment supplier in the US. It also operates a chain of retail stores under the name of Niketown. This line of business is in addition to the manufacturing and designing of footwear, sportswear apparel, etc. Its headquarters are located in the Washington County of the Oregon state in the US. It caters for the market offered all over the world when it comes to the clothing needs as well as apparels and accessories related to the sports.

Nike has contracts with most of the shops numbering to 700 shops worldwide and also has its own operating offices in 75 countries just outside the United States. Most of thhe market that is catered by Nike is from Asia.

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Phillips Van Heusen

It is an US based apparel company. It is also the proud brand which is the largest shirt company in not only the US, but also the entire world. The business headquarters of the brand lie in Manhattan, New York. There are also the administrative offices in other parts of the US. There are a number of distribution channels that Van Heusen conducts business with. Apart from that, it has also the several sourcing facilities worldwide, mostly located in the continent of Asia. The corporation is responsible to provide employment to over 12000 people all over the world.

Tommy Hilfiger

This brand of fashion in costumes in the US is named after the renowned American fashion designer named as Thomas Jacob Hilfiger. He is the founder of this very brand. It has a various set of product lines which is as given below:

? Denim
? Star Gold
? True Star
? Tommy Girl
? Red label
? Tommy Sport
? Tommy sailing

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Abercrombie and Fitch

It is the brand that is famous in clothing in the US for various types of costumes. Its headquarters are located in the New Albany, Ohio. It is established all over the USA with more than around 300 locations. It focuses on the casual wear for the customers mostly in the ages of 18 to 22 years of age. It has witnessed an international expansion since its establishment. The entire world serves as a market for this brand. It has always been viewed upon in the US as the elite outfitter of the clothing in the excursion and sports activities. It is the casual luxury brand in its current line of business.

It is one of the brands in the US that uses ?models? as the brand representatives. They are employed in order for the customer services of the customers in the stores. The stores that are set up in the various parts of the US features black louvers and the white molding.

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