Top USA Brands For Lingerie


Lingerie is the term that is used for the fashionable undergarments. In USA, there is a very huge market for lingerie. The undergarments which are termed as lingerie are usually known to be very fashionable in nature. In this guide, we are going to have a look at the various top brands in USA for lingerie.

Affinitas Intimates

It is a US brand of lingerie which is intimate in apparels. This brand has its headquarters located in the Los Angeles, California. The collections that are at display by this brand are usually designed by a French designer team. The goal of this brand in the lingerie is to make development in fashionable bras, well balanced basics in the lingerie section, panties and also camisoles. They are designed in energetic young colors, such that the price range that is cost for this lingerie is not much. Their manufacture is such that it provides a lot of comfort, highest in quality, but also best fitting product in lingerie in USA. The brand when worn by women is usually termed as to be flirty, fashionable, energetic, sexy, pretty, comfortable, glamorous and that too at an affordable price.


The materials that are made to use for the manufacturing of the lingerie is chosen with a lot of care and also very tactfully to be of very good in quality. They use microfibers so that the laces and the bra cups that are designed are such that they are not only comfortable to the woman wearing it, but are also soft in nature. It gives a very glamorous appearance to the woman who is wearing the lingerie. When all the materials chosen are made to be in a combination and are used in conjunction to design the lingerie for this brand, they don?t only feel good, but also give a very glamorous look to the woman.

Aviana Bras

The brand Aviana is there for some reason in the industry pertaining to the clothing needs in the lingerie market. The reason is the vision with which this brand claims itself to be established. They came with a vision that is to create a whole lot of collection of the bras which are exclusive as well as full figured. Their lingerie is designed according to the needs of the sophistication that is required by the market offered in the European counterparts. They do not compromise on the comfort that is desired and deserved by the women. It is supportive as well as very stylish. They are into the design of the bras such that they can also support the cup sized which are of size-D and above.

The intimate apparel of the brand Aviana is manufactured by the Designs and Comfort Inc. which is also in charge of the production of the other brands. The full figure bras that are designed by this brand are specifically sized up versions of the styles of the bras which are into existence. Aviana, on the other hand is in its original form and features the full sized bras. They make a careful study of the various types of the bodies of the women and the various types of bras that are to be offered in the market by them. Because of this studies that are conducted, the fittings of the lingerie of this brand rarely go wrong on the women.

This brand is into the serving of the market pertaining to the women?s apparel since the year as long as since 1985. It is headquartered in the city of Marietta, Georgia.

Empire Bridal

Empire Bridal is USA?s own manufacturing company or brand for the requirements of the lingerie by the brides. He brand is owned by a family in the United States of America. The business established by the Empire bridal brand in USA is as old as fifty years in the market for lingerie requirements. The offices of this particular brand are present currently at South Fork, PA. They are proud to display the label that is termed as ?made in USA?. They believe in the strong hold in the relationships with their customer through a series of services that can guarantee satisfaction for the customers. Their manufacture is such that it provides a lot of comfort, highest in quality, but also best fitting product in lingerie in USA. Their lingerie is designed according to the needs that offer comfort as well as give a stylish look to the women, specially the brides. It gives a very glamorous appearance to the woman who is wearing the lingerie as a bride. This brand is currently transiting into the second generation of the business that is run by their family.

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