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A costume can have different meanings for the different classes of people. There are trends set in the various markets pertaining to fashion in the UK. There are fashion choices along with celebrities on one side as well; there is a choice of the street fashion for the other individuals. In UK, fashion for clothing are covered at all the levels right from the biggest names in the industries to the indie designs which operate at a small level. There is a cut throat competition in the UK for the retailers in the world and market of fashion. In this guide, we are going to explore some of the top retailers that exist in the UK for all types of clothing costumes.

Ab Fab costumes

It is one of the leading in retail business in the industry related to the selling of the costumes in UK. It was established in the town named Hawick by William Lyle. The socialites in the costumes that are offered by this retailer include the fancy dress accessories, costumes, wigs etc. as well as other clothing materials in casual sense of fashion. Apart from that, it also has design over the years, foot wear as well as accessories for men and women dressed up for the parties. The pioneer in this field was established in the Leeds in the UK. It manufactures and designs the occasion wear retailer for the people of the UK, especially women. The retailer deals in many types of apparel apart from its usual line of business such as wigs, and some of the other accessories for the needs of the women. You can shop for great clothing for yourself in one of the stores which are located in more than 40 counties of the UK which keep this retailer of costumes. It is the style and culture of this retailer that invited the customers to shop in one of their stores.

Halloween Costumes UK

This retailer for the costumes is of the believer that the customer is the truest form of asset that the retail business in the costume industry that is possible. It was established by fashion designer. The first establishment was done in the Brighton suburb of the UK. It caters the market mostly for the women and also offers them an exclusive range of costumes. It is also known as clothing retailer and it is a British clothing retail company. It was formed in the year 1997. They are currently the third largest retailer in UK when it comes to the designing and the sales of the costumes. The retailer for the costumes in UK was introduced into the market in very late stages of the clothing market. Nevertheless, it has gained popularity since its establishment in the year 1999. It is a very huge retailer in the UK when it comes to making of the choice for women?s clothing for the costumes.

Just for fun

It is the leading supplier of the fancy dress costumes; party supplies as well as other services are offered by this retail stores. Hey have over 35 years of experience in this industry. They currently have more than 9000 products to be offered. They also have enjoyed the loyalties from thousands of their customers. It operates as retail in the high quality wigs and artificial body parts for the customers. It deals in the party clothing as well as the clothing which is informal. As the name suggests, it was established in a viewpoint of just to supply the fancy costumes. It is a very famous retailer in the UK and it is very well known to offer self-labeled and also the costumes products for all categories of people, i.e. women as well as children.


It has the largest collection of the costumes to be chosen from. It was founded in the year 1992 and since then it has established a very strong hold in the UK market for costumes. It was established in the early twentieth century. It was formerly named as the some other name selling costumes. However, this retailer made an alteration to its name as well as its line of business in the year 1999. This is yet another retailer for the costumes in the UK. Escapade is a renowned retailer for Halloween costumes in the Great Britain. It is the one of largest in the United Kingdom and one of the top 50 retailers in the world amongst all the industries that is catered with the retail chains for the Halloween costumes. Apart from that, it makes costumes of the cartoon characters, animals, role plays of any characters in history etc.

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