What Different Types Of Costumes To Sell?


A costume is an article of clothing that is present in our wardrobe or closet, it is a dress in general. It can also mean a distinctive type of dress for different people. It can make you distinguish between people belonging to particular class or period. It can also be the artistic arrangement of accessories to form a picture, statue and can also be used in the poems and plays, depending upon the theme of the play and circumstances. It displays the character of the main role in different ways. It can also be worn at a social event, fancy dress party, Halloween, and some dance performances. In this guide, we are going to have a look at the different costumes to sell.

Theatrical costumes

It is one of the most prominent places where the people prefer to be dresses up in the clothing such as the costumes. It can also mean for a feature film or a television. When a costume is combined with the different other costumes, it can give the audience the idea for the portray of the character?s age, gender, class in society, profession, as well as the time in history where the character is referring to, location in geography, etc. It is often seen that the costumes that are meant for style can exaggerate some or the other aspect of the character.

National costume

National costume or a clothing article related to the local gives an expression about the identity as well as the emphasis is led on the unique attributes that are present in the culture. It can also refer to the national pride for the citizens living in that country. As an example, we can see that the Japanese people have their traditional costumes called the ?kimono? and even the Scottish people have their bagpiper kind of costume with a checked red skirt and a distinctive top.

Holidays and festivals

Halloween is an example of the holiday where it is of significant importance in order to wear the costumes. There may be also people in some countries who wear traditional and modern costumes on certain days of the year in accordance with the celebration of certain festivals and holidays. Christmas and Easter are two holidays in the Christian calendar which demand the portray with the help of the costumes. Costumes that are usually used in the festivals make the portrayal of the individual who is wearing the costume as a person who wants to play the role of the fancy character. This can be ghosts, vampires, Santa Claus, Easter bunny etc.

Sports costume

Jerseys are made up of usually synthetically manufactured microfiber so that the evaporation of the sweat from the body can be a quicker process. When we refer to jersey for sports, it is a type of costume that is worn by a member of a team of a county or a club or representing a country.

The jerseys for the different sports in India differ in their appearance as well as fitting. Jerseys in India for example are usually manufactured for cricket, hockey, volleyball, kabaddi, cycling, etc. The jerseys are usually large in size, in fact, oversize. It has the athlete?s name and a jersey number embedded on the back. In accordance with the sponsors, it may also contain some of the advertisements on the sleeves, front, neck etc. It also has the logo of the team embedded on to it near the chest area. For specific sports like the basketball, the jerseys are designed to be sleeveless. The jerseys as costumes in India are also a huge market for the fashion accessories.

Children?s costumes

There are different types of children?s costumes to sell in the market. Children form one of the major sources of revenue when a clothing is to be designed, manufactured and to be sold specifically for the wear by the children. It serves as an avenue for them so that they can enjoy, explore and role play some of their favorite TV series and cartoon characters. They love to be dressed in the various forms. They for example can be dressed up as some of the characters from history, princesses, pirates, cowboys, police etc. There can also be costume to be sold for children who portray them for fun as the animals which they see in the zoos and sanctuaries. Special Occasions like birthday parties and fancy dress competitions in the schools and other areas can make them have the requirement of the different costumes to be worn.


This is another important role in which the costumes play a major important role. Costumes can be used greatly to represent their team in the form of mascots. This can be used for the advertising and for other benefits of the team.

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