Different Types Of Uniforms To Include In Uniforms Business In India


Uniform business, when it is conducted in India, it is very profitable owing to the population of India and hence the market in the uniform business that it has to offer. A uniform is a set of clothing which is standard in nature and particular to any organization for which the employees work. The uniform is a must wear code in clothing when it comes to being on duty or participation of the employees of an organization in any of the activities of the organization. In this guide, we are going to see as to what are the different types of the uniforms that can be included so that uniform business in India can be conducted.

School Uniform

School uniform is a clothing outfit which is standard amongst all the students of a particular school. These are worn inside the activities of the educational institute. These school uniforms are common amongst the school children of the primary as well as the secondary schools in various countries which includes India. They form the basis of the dress code that is followed in the schools. The school uniforms are designed and manufactured such that they give a professional outlook of the student who wears it. The basis of the school uniforms is so that they can cut down the individuality of the students. The clothing in uniform that is designed for the boys is dark shorts or trousers and usually a lighter shade of shirt. There may or may not be an option of a tie. In India, the school uniform for girls is restricted mostly to the skirt and a blouse worn on top. Depending upon the type of school, there also may be a jacket to be worn to give more professional appearance.

Jersey (sports clothing)

When we refer to jersey for sports, it is a uniform that is worn by a member of a team. The jerseys are usually large in size, in fact, oversize. It has the athlete?s name and a jersey number embedded on the back. Depending upon the sponsors, it may also contain some of the advertisements on the sleeves, front, neck etc. It also has the logo of the team embedded on to it near the chest area. The jerseys for the different sports in India differ in their appearance as well as fitting. Jerseys in India are usually manufactured for cricket, hockey, volleyball, kabaddi, cycling, etc. Jerseys are made up of usually synthetically manufactured microfiber so that the evaporation of the sweat from the body can be a quicker process. For specific sports like the basketball, the jerseys are designed to be sleeveless. The jerseys in India are also a huge market for the fashion accessories.

Military uniform

Military uniform comprise of the standard in the clothing outfit. They are worn only by the members who belong to the armed forces. They are also worn by the paramilitaries in India. The dress design as well as the style that is employed in order to make the military uniform has gone through a series of changes in India. They have evolved in colors as well as become more of extremely utilitarian. These uniforms form standardized as well as distinctive clothing that is intended so that it could be identified and displayed that the person who is wearing it is a member of the organized military force.

It is seen that the military that are designed in the modern world are specifically designed for the combat purposes on the battle field. The bright colors in the military uniforms come out for display when there is any ceremony related to the military functions. There are also separate kinds of uniforms in India that are designed for the officers who are attending the official meetings.

Prison Uniform

The prison uniforms are worn by the individuals who are incarcerated to be kept in the prison. This can also mean the dress code for the jail or any other facility that is meant to be for the purposes of detention.

In India, the uniforms that are supposed to be worn by the prisoners contain the striped long shirt, a similar design pant or a short. They also have a cap. These are also stamped with the logo which is able to identify the severity of the crime that the prisoners have committed.

Diplomats? uniform

They are the ornate uniforms that are worn by the diplomats such as the persons working in the embassy or the consulate in a particular country representing India. These uniforms are restricted to be worn in some of the countries but some individual diplomats retain them for the occasions and meetings of prime importance.

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