Top Australian Brands For All Types Of Uniforms


In this guide, we are going to have a look at the overview of the top Australian brands for all the types of uniform supplies that is required by the customer demands in the clothing industry.

Pacific Brands

Pacific Brands keeps Australia as a nation which is comfortable at work place. They are into the business which deals with the offerings of the workwear for the industrial requirements as well as image wear to a variety of employees in Australia across all the industries. The examples of the uniform clothing requirements catered by this brand extend to the industries of construction, trade, hospitality, transport, health care, government as well as the requirements of the banking industry. They claim to be amongst the top in the quality of the work wear that is provided to the work force in Australia. It is a manufacturer as well as the distributor for the industrial work wear as well as the uniforms requirements. They are synonymous to the quality as well as toughness and durability. They are constantly researching in the areas which can produce work wear that can excel and causes to lead the way in every industry. There is nothing tougher.


Midford has a range to choose from when it comes to the latest to be offered in the police equipment, police uniforms, medical gear pertaining to the emergencies that occur, fire and rescue operations involved as well as there is much more to be offered. When you are at Midford, you can rely on the customer service of theirs which is quite friendly in nature as well as knowledgeable enough to suggest some uniform designs and colors. This makes the best choice for a customer for all the scrubs that are used for a variety of purposes. This brand of uniform has provided a very useful and a stylish alternative to the various employees in the police and rescue operations sector. They already enjoy over a million men and women who shop for this brand for their uniforms as well as any of the safety equipment that is involved.


Dickies are one of the top most brands in the uniform of the police cadre categories for both men and women. They are of the belief that when a uniform is design suitably, the performance and the comfort level of the employees in their work place increases significantly. They have the tie ups with the manufacturers who offer latest trends in styles especially for the uniforms of the police cadre. Since the opening of this brand in the market, they have expanded and been twice in their sales numbers and hence enjoy a very reputable name in the market for the police uniforms.

Smarter clothing

Smarter clothing have over 50 years of experience. They cater hundreds of schools for the requirement of the school uniform of the kids in the schools. Their products are strictly made in Australia as much as possible. The all products sold by this company are washable with machines, and can have permanent press on them. The customer care supports is very well in company for meeting the customer solutions and are available six days in a week in the normal hours of operations. The retail stores of this company are open for almost the entire year which includes the Saturdays and the extended hours of operation in the month of August.


PDR enjoys a very high position when it comes to the uniforms all over the nation of Australia. This brand of company is the top selling brand in the clothing involved in the uniform for the school children. They carry a huge collection of the branded uniform pertaining to the school children?s requirement of clothing as well as that of teachers if any. They also have a catalog for the school uniform of children. Clothing accessories have been quite well in serving the local schools and high schools also. In addition to that, they provide the offering of the men and women?s styles in the school uniforms.

Soul Sports

Soul Sports has been the supplier of the high visibility work wear for the industrial needs of the work force in Australia. They also make provision for the work boots as well as corporate style uniforms. It has been constantly expanding at a great pace since its establishment in over 80 years. Their uniforms can be used in any of the conditions, as per their designs be it a building site or a mine. It has a uniform solution of any needs of the customer requirement in the clothing.

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