What Is Stock Photography And How To Sell Them?

Stock photography refers to clicking pictures not for one client or customer but to make a collection of photographs of common places, nature, people, events, etc. that can be used by someone who is in need of it and does not want to hire a professional photographer. These photographs can be used by anyone based on the terms of the agreement with the stock photographer, who owns the ownership. A few examples of the conditions that are set forth in the agreement include ? limited usage if the photograph is printed, non-re-sale of the photograph, licencing requirements, etc. Stock photography is gaining a lot of importance in the recent times due to its cost effectiveness. The user of the photograph is not required to spend money in hiring a photographer but still has access to the photograph. Stock photography has come a long way and includes not only originally clicked pictures but also vectors, computer generated images, clip art, etc. Stock photographs are used mainly by web designers, advertising agencies, graphic designers, etc. for commercial needs.

There are various kinds of licences for stock photography that can be obtained. Under a rights managed license for stock photography, the holder of the licence has the authority to have the exclusive possession of the photograph for a defined period. During the period of this licence, the photograph cannot be used by anyone else. However, the fee in this type of the license is on a higher side. The terms of the licence include defining of the term, territory, duration, usage, etc. Under the royalty free stock photography licence, the holder of the licence has the usage right for the photograph for a defined amount. If the photograph is used in more number of prints, an additional fee is charged for the same. The user is not restricted by the time till which the stock photograph can be used. However, in this type of the stock photography licence, the holder does not have exclusive rights for the photograph and thus the fee is comparatively on a lower side. Multiple buyers can purchase and use the photograph in this case.

The concept of stock photography came into existence in the 1920s when H. Armstrong Roberts laid the foundation of a stock photography company, which exists even today under the name of Robert Stocks. Since that year, till now there have been various improvements in the concept and the kind of images sold under stock photography. The introduction of a specific image search engine by Google not only added to the lucrativeness of this business option but also made it easier for the buyers to get the specific images. Today, various companies have entered into selling stock photography and the established players earn huge sums of money through this concept across the world.

Selling stock photography pictures can be a good way to earn handsome money. Many photographers click and sell pictures exclusively for stock photography. But how can one sell stock photography images? The most common way to do the same is by offering the images on your website. You can click a collection of photographs and put up the same on your website. You can also keep uploading new images as and when required to enhance the database and to give more options to the buyers of stock photography. The next task is to make internet surfers who have interest in buying a stock photography picture come to your website. This can be done by promoting your business on the internet and offline.

Online marketing of the stock photography can be done by listing it on relative business directories, linking it with relevant pages of other businesses, making an account on social networking sites and adding people to it, etc. It is also important that the images that you upload on the website are searchable with the relevant search criteria. Offline ways to promote the business include distributing business cards with the web address mentioned on it, promoting your website in relevant magazines or specific columns of local newspapers, etc. Spreading a word of mouth amongst your relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. about your stock photography business is another great way to get more clients. Though there are various ways to promote your stock photography business, the choice of the appropriate method shall be done with utmost care considering various factors including ? cost involved, reach of the method, benefit expected, etc. Once people become aware of your stock photography website, there are more chances of making them a regular visitor if the quality and variety of images are good and continuously improving.

If your budget is limited, you can also tie up with famous stock photography distributors and work for them like Getty images, Corbis, etc. You can choose to click photographs on specific subject and upload the same with the stock photography distributors.

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