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Stock photography refers to photography not for a specific client but for creating a collection that can be accessed and used by many people for a fee. These photographs are generally used for commercial purposes by the buyers. Stock photography is showing an upward trend since 1920s when H. Armstrong Roberts started this concept. Stock photography is a lucrative business option because of the benefits available for both the buyer and the seller of such photographs. The buyer gets the image of choice without actually hiring a photographer. On the other hand, the seller gets a good sum of money for the same from multiple users who buy the rights of use of the stock photographs. It is a win ? win situation for both the parties. Various photography enthusiasts have entered into the field of stock photography to reap the benefits of the huge demand. Some have opened up stock photography business, yet others are keen on clicking new images and uploading it to the websites offering such images for purchase. Here are the details of some of the top stock photography providers.

Corbis Corporation is a leading provider of stock photography. Its websites green light, veer, Corbis Motion, Corbis, etc. it offers a wide variety of stock photographs for advertising on internet, television, films, newspapers, magazines, etc. Corbis with its base in Seattle has a reach in almost fifty countries. It offers both rights managed and royalty free stock photographs along with illustrations. Corbis comes up with new schemes and discounts every now and then to enhance the customer base. Its huge revenues every year and the growth in revenues year by year shows the huge amount of interest that people take in this stock photography provider.

Another famous stock photography provider is Getty Images. Getty Images offers photographs clicked by professional photographers for buyers across the world. Its user friendly website with simple three step process for gaining access to the images makes it a popular option for the stock photography buyers. Getty Images offers various images across various categories including people, travel, family, technology, animals, business, etc. Searching the required images is very convenient with the advanced search options available at the website of Getty Images.

Photo India is another leading stock photography provider with a wide reach throughout the country. It was started in the year 1998 by an ex pilot Manu Bahuguna. Photo India offers a one stop shop for all the photo requirements of various advertisers, marketers, editors, etc. on subjects such as travel, sports, food, adventure, etc. The work of photo India speaks a lot about this stock photography provider. Some of its photographs are also used by international publications.

iStock Photo is another top stock photography provider which was founded in the year 2000 by Bruce Living Stone. Initially the web site offered free images for downloading by various users of stock photography. Later as people became used to downloading amazing photographs from iStock Photo, the concept of paid pictures was introduced. Today, after ten years of its foundation, it has shown a great success story with a wide range of stock photographs under various categories. The most important point that differentiates iStock photo from the rest of the stock photography providers is that it provides remarkable quality of photographs at reasonable prices. It is very easy to search for the suitable photograph in various categories at iStock Photo. Once you have the right photograph in front of you, the next task is to sign up for a free account with iStock Photo and then download the photographs by paying for the same through subscription plans or pay as you go flexible options.

Shutter Stock Images is also one of the well - known stock photography providers throughout the world. A large number of stock photographs are added to the database every day which can be downloaded by the users. Shutter Stock Images not only offers originally clicked photographs but also vectors and illustrations. The categories of the photographs offered include ? animals, industrial, religion, technology, food, celebrities, business, arts, interiors, people, objects, nature, vintage, pets, buildings, symbols, sports, health care, holidays, etc. Shutter Stock Images is a popular choice amongst stock photography users because of the user friendly navigation and vast pool of choices available in each category. It offers an opportunity to new photographers in the field to upload their photographs and gain from them.

The huge demand has led to more number of people jumping into this business. Today, there are a large number of stock photography providers throughout the world, each claiming to have better quality pictures at affordable prices. Some other stock photography providers include Dreams time, Photos Bank, SXC, Open Photo, Stock Vault, Turbo Photo, etc.

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