What Is Involved In Photo Studio Business?

The demand for photography services is gaining pace in the recent times. Many people look for professional photographers to capture the important events in their life and other special occasions. Capturing photographs of wedding, different growth stages of babies, pass port size photographs for job applications, etc. is a common service asked for by most people. Thus opening up a photo studio business is a lucrative business option. But what is involved in a photo studio business?

The main service that is providing by a photo studio is clicking photographs as per the requirements of the customers who walk in the studio. Photographs of different size like ? stamp size, pass port size, portrait, etc.; different contrast; black and white; coloured, instant photos, etc. are offered generally by a photo studio. Photo studios offer the convenience of availing the services of a photographer at a nearby location. The money charged is normally dependent upon the material of paper used for developing the photographs, size of the photograph, timeliness, brand associated with the photo studio, services offered, goodwill in the market, quality of photographs, quantity of photographs clicked for a particular customer, etc. However, in the recent times, with the improvement in technology used for photography, many photo studios offer services like clicking and developing the photographs in minutes, removing flaws from the subject using computed programs, etc. Some photo studios provide cost effective photography, wherein the price charged is very low in case of bulk photographs.

Clicking and developing photographs for the customers is the most basic service provided by a photo studio. Many photo studio businessmen have started offering various additional services and products. Selling photo albums of different sizes, colours and designs is one such service. Some photo studios also offer customised photo albums with a cover page designed as per the requirements of the customer. Other products offered for sale by a photo studio include photo frames, cameras, photography reels, lens, tripod, camera carry case and other photography related accessories. Many photo studio businesses do this for additional profits. Selling related products in a photo studio is a good approach because the customers walking into a photo studio are generally interested in buying other photography related stuff and thus the profits are enhanced. Some additional services of a photo studio may include ? developing customised calendars for the clients on demand with a photograph printed on each month of an important happening in the life of the customer or the family of the customer, that can be presented as a gift; a mug or a diary with a photograph printed of a loved one; a t-shirt, bed sheet and other material with printed photograph of the customer; etc. Such additional services help in enhancing the foot fall at the photo studio and thus help a lot in enhancing the revenues and thus the profits.

It is a world of stiff competition in every field, be it education, business or sports. Even the business of a photo studio is not spared from the cut throat competition prevailing in the market. Thus if one wants to survive and grow the business of photo studio, some distinctive practices needs to be done. Offering quality services at reasonable price is a prerequisite for the stability of the business. However, unless the people are aware that you are providing these services, there will be negligible revenues. Thus it is very important to advertise your photo studio business.

How can one advertise the same? This can be done by placing an advertisement in local magazines and newspapers; offering schemes and discounts; etc. You can offer free or nominally priced photograph clicking service on various festivities and occasions, for example free photograph of a child on children?s day if the customer brings in a fixed amount of revenue; etc. Other discounts and schemes could be a carry case free on purchase of a camera, discount to regular customers, etc. It is equally important to convey your discounts and schemes on a timely basis to the potential customers. This can be done by sending bulk messages or mails to existing customers, distributing pamphlets and brochures in local newspapers, etc. You can also distribute as many business cards as possible to make the people you meet aware of what you do. The business card must contain all the necessary information like the address, business name, contact information, etc. Not only is it important to bring the potential customer to your photo studio, it is equally important to make him/her realise that he is at the right place and will get quality services there. You can display some of your astounding photography work and other items kept for sale on display. This will keep the customers engrossed for some time, till you serve them.

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