An Overview On Different Types Of Photography

Photography has been adopted as a profession by many people across the world. It is a budding industry owing to the growing demand. If you are also interested in choosing photography as a profession or for knowledge, you must be interested in various types of photography. Photography is not just limited to capturing family pictures and natural beauty around. It has in store a number of categories and types. If you are interested in becoming a photographer it is suggested that you choose a niche for yourself amongst the different types of photography depending upon your interests, level of competition and demand for the same.

Wedding photography is a common type of photography. It involves capturing one of the most beautiful moments of the life of the bride, groom and the near and dear ones. Though there is a huge demand for wedding photographers irrespective of the country or religion, there is also a lot of competition involved in the same. If you are planning to become a wedding photographer you must be clear about the how you will win over the competitors to survive and grow.

Travel photography is suited to those who have a flair for both travelling and photography and love to capture new things in your camera. If you opt for travel photography ypu can serve travel magazines, newspapers, tour operators, etc. However, to enter into this niche of photography you must be a master of safely packing and unpacking your photography equipment.

Another branch of photography is scientific photography that encompasses various types of photography including forensic photography that helps in investigation of criminal cases; universe photography that involves taking pictures of planets, galaxies, etc.; microbes? photography that involves taking pictures of microbes; etc. To become a scientific photographer, you must have adequate knowledge of the field chosen. This type of photography opens doors to become a photographer for hospitals, research institutes, etc.

Pet photography is another promising type of photography. Many people love to pamper their pets and make them feel like a family member. If you are an animal lover, you can choose this option. However, this type of photography requires the photographer to be very patient and loving towards the pets.

Similar to pet photography, baby photography also requires an equal amount of patience and care for the subject. Baby photographs are not only requested by parents but also by advertising agencies for promotion of various baby products like diapers, baby clothes, baby feeding bottles, baby shoes, baby food products, baby hygiene products, etc. To become a baby photographer, you must be committed to capture those emotions of a baby that make the viewer engrossed in the photograph.

If you are a nature lover and love to capture a beautiful scenery, astounding waterfalls, gorgeous sunset, lush green plantations or wildlife, you can become a nature photographer. You can further narrow down to flower photography, mountain photography, wildlife photography, etc. if you want to specialise in any of these. Being a nature photographer, you can serve various magazines, tour companies, etc.

Fashion photography is another area that is gaining importance in the recent past. It involves capturing the latest trends in clothes, accessories, make up, etc. This type of photography can give you a chance to work with top models and celebrities. However, you must be able to bring the best out of the photography shoot to be popular in this profession.

Events photography is also a promising type of photography. It includes capturing important happenings at various events like corporate presentations, concerts, sports events, award functions, etc. It is one of the highly paid professions in the photography business.

Another type of photography is architectural photography. This branch of photography can be utilised in the real estate sector. It involves taking pictures of buildings, monuments, churches, temples, caves, etc. Architectural photographers capture those angles of the structures that appeal to the eyes and make you look deeper into it.

Aerial photography is another type of photography that involves taking pictures from an alleviated position like a tall building, a balloon, an aircraft, a parachute, etc. This kind of photography is mainly used by whether department, map makers, etc. Photographs can be clich?d either using hand or a mechanised device. If you are scared of heights, this is not the ideal type of photography for you.

Underwater photography is another specialised type of photography. This category involves use of specialised equipment to capture the photographs. If you are afraid of water, this is not a good choice for you.

Jewellery photography is another type of photography that is in good demand. It involves taking pictures of exquisite pieces of jewellery, with or without a model to make it appealing to the viewer. Jewellery advertisement campaigns normally showcase the work of a jewellery photographer.

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