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Services of photographers are required at various special occasions, events, etc. by many people across the globe. When you search for photographers in a particular area, you will come across a lot of options. Each photographer claims to be the best to get orders and enhance the earnings. As photography is an art and not everyone can be a perfectionist in the same, it is a tough decision to choose a good photographer. Moreover if you are looking for a photographer to shoot a particular event that is of great importance for you like an award ceremony or a wedding, the decision gets even tougher. Many people prefer going for top rated photographers as there is less risk involved in hiring them. Since top rated photographers have already established a good will in the industry, there are more chances that their services will prove to be worth. Here is a list of some top USA photographers.

Tony Donaldson Photography is a leading photographer in the USA. Tony Donaldson is based in Los Angeles, California and is published his photography in several top rated magazines like ? The New York Times, ESPN, etc. His advertising clients include ? Tioga Tires, OTB Jeans, etc. He is always ready to share his in depth knowledge of photography and has written editorials, software reviews, etc. on photography. He and his team are always determined to bring the best out of the photography subject and show a creative side of the picture. Many people who have utilised his services are of the opinion that his dedication and spirit is unmatched. Tony Donaldson?s photography has been acclaimed at many places. Many of his clients give him repeat order and referrals and are of the opinion that his services are the best in the industry.

James Nacht Wey is another American photographer who has captured war photographs and others for journalism purpose. He started photography work in the year 1976 for a newspaper. He has been awarded many awards for his outstanding work in the field of photography including - Word press photo award in 1994, Dan David Prise in 2002, Heinz award in 2006, the International Centre of Photography Infinity Award, the Canon Photo essayist Award, the Leica Award, etc. James Nacht Wey also served as a contract photographer in the Times magazine. His unsurpassed services to the photography industry can never be forgotten.

Kim Kirk Patrick is another famous name in photography industry for the outstanding work he did in this field. He has more than twenty years of experience in landscape photography. Always ready to share his knowledge and spread awareness of the right photography technique, Kim Kirk Patrick has motivated several people to do photography. His work has been appreciated and has brought him several recommendations.

Another established name in photography in the USA is Duane Michals. He was born in the year 1932 and has continued to serve many people through his photography skills for many years. He is a true example to prove of how passion can be used as the best profession and made a source of earning your living. Duane Michals worked as a commercial photographer serving Esquire and Mademoiselle for several years. He has been awarded various awards and his photography work has been recognised many a times.

John Sharpe Photography is a specialist in wedding photography in the USA. He services are commonly used at various weddings in Minneapolis. He and his team are determined to capture each and every emotion and happening before, during and after the wedding. Satisfaction of the clients come first for John Sharpe as he knows the importance of wedding photography and how it can be used to treasure the moments of happiness for a lifetime. John Sharpe and his team are always ready to understand the requirements of the clients and work accordingly without rules and with flexibility. People tend to be at ease with him. Most of the clients who have used the photography services of John Sharpe have all praise for him and his team. He comes with a relaxed attitude and does his work with full passion and dedication. Reviews of most customers favour him and his working style.

Another leading wedding photographer based in Southern California, USA is Next Exit Photography. This is a team of husband and wife named Cat and Adi Benner who specialise in making a difference in wedding photography for their clients by doing something creative every time. Cat and Adi Benner have won several awards in the field together including Best of the Knot Magazine award thrice. They understand how to make a difference in the wedding photography in each wedding. Treating every couple as special is the basic theme followed by Cat and Adi Benner.

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