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Photography is not only a passion or a leisure time activity for its enthusiasts. Many photography lovers have taken it as a full time profession and are successful by generating good returns from their services at the same time along with pursuing their passion and deriving satisfaction out of it. Services of photographers are required by many people across the world for various occasions including wedding, engagement, baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays, etc.; events like ? graduation, corporate parties, exhibitions, trade shows, rock shows, concerts, etc.; for portrait pictures; pet photography; nature photography; model shoots; still photography; etc. Every year millions of photography students take up the task of serving people with their photography skills. The huge demand for the services of photographers for various things has led to high competition levels. This has in turn helped the user of their services to get better deals and a variety of options to choose from. United Kingdom is a hub for many top rated photographers.

SJJ photography is an established name in the arena of landscape, portrait, wedding, portfolios, etc. This photography provider is a member of SICIP (Society of International, Commercial and Industrial Photographers) and SWPP (Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers). Based in Northampton, it has a list of many loyal clients in its portfolio. The basic strategy followed at SJJ Photography is to tailor make every collection based on the requirements of the clients.

True Focusing Images is also leading photography service provider for weddings, products, advertising, artwork, abstracts, events, graduations, architectural interiors, exteriors, etc. It offers a one stop solution for almost all photography requirements.

Mark Johnston ? Photography based in North Allerton is another established name in the photography business. Though it is a newly established one, it has made a mark by excelling in wedding photography, nature photography and portraits with its competitive pricing and quality services. It is run by a family and serves mainly the northern belt of the UK. Mark Johnston ? Photography always believes in following a creative pattern keeping in mind the customer?s requirements.

Another member of SWPP and an established name in wedding and portrait photography is Richard Linnett Photography. Based in the northwest UK, this freelance photographer is open to challenging photography and brings in high levels of commitment and dedication to his work. Richard Linnett Photography is one of the top most photographers in UK owing to the quality of pictures showing emotions behind it.

PDMS Photography based in Sutton Waldron, North Dorset has its hold in several areas including wedding photography, advertising, public relation, events, functions, sports, schools, play groups, etc. With more than thirty five years of experience, PDMS Photography provides competitive rates and quality to match with its experience. The focus always remains in full customer satisfaction to generate repeat orders and referrals. It covers the length and breadth of the United Kingdom for its services.

Liz Thompson Photography is also an established name in the United Kingdom in the field of photography. Transparent pricing and discounts offered from time to time; make it a preferred choice of many. The main focus is on wedding photography. The clients of Liz Thompson Photography have all praise for the services offered.

Sam Johnson Photography is an award winning photographer in UK. The area of focus is portrait, wedding, artistic and commercial. His photography work has been recognized in various magazines and commercials including Cosmopolitan, Time Out London, etc. A degree holder from Nottingham Trent University in photography, Sam Johnson is always ready to sit back and understand the client requirements to the fullest and add his own touch of creativity to get a fabulous outcome.

Vision Photographic Ltd. specialising in commercial and advertising photography is an established name in the industry for almost twenty years now. Both on site shoot and shoot at a well-equipped Vision Photographic studio is offered by this company. It has a number of clients spread all across the United Kingdom and still increasing. As the name suggests, Vision Photographic Ltd. aims to capture the events with a vision and concept in mind to generate the best results for its clients.

Cookie Tree Photography serves varied areas in photography including ? promotional photography, wedding photography, family portraits, band shows, event coverage, pet photography, etc. Cookie Tree Photography is known to be a great choice when it comes to customer satisfaction. The main focus of Cookie Tree Photography is to provide competitive rates and quality photography at the first place.

John Robertson Photography is another top rated photographer with more than twenty years of experience in this field. The portfolio of John Robertson includes working for various magazines, newspapers and web based media. The services are not only limited to the UK but are available throughout the world.

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