Top Indian Photographers

India is a land of great scenic beauty and astounding cultural heritage. The amazing places inspire several people to capture the beauty and keep it in store for them. India has a lot of top notch photographers whose work is acclaimed across the globe. Several budding photographers take professional courses to nurture their talent. Though the photography industry is at its nascent stage in India, many people have taken it up as a full time profession.

Ashay Kshirsagar is one of the renowned Indian photographers. Born in Mumbai, India, Ahsay started developing interest in photography since childhood as his father Sharad Kshirsagar was also a well known photographer and creative director himself. Apart from training from his father, he studied photography and polished his skills further from Sir JJ Institute of applied arts. He served famous photographer Prasad Naik as an assistant to nurture the best practices used in the skill of photography. Since the start of his career he has never looked back and has always been determined to climb up the stairs of success in his passion. He has been awarded various acclaims for his outstanding work in photography of various advertisements including ? Colgate, Hindustan Lever, Pears, Levis, Wrangler, Marriott Group of Hotels, Franklin Templeton, Ambuja Cements, D Damas, Cross words, Big Bazaar, Barista, etc. Not only this, he has also photographed various celebrities for renowned magazines like ? Grazia, GQ, Elle, Verve, Elle D?cor, etc. He is considered one of the best choices when it comes to photography by many people. The level of commitment and dedication to his work is unmatched and appreciated by those who get a chance to work with him.

Another top rated Indian Photographer is Gautam Raj Adhyaksha. He was born in the year 1950 and did his schooling from St. Xavier?s High School. He further took up graduation in chemistry from the renowned St. Xavier?s College and a diploma in advertising and public relations. His journey from a writer to a photographer is an interesting one. He started clicking photographs of celebrities when he was unable to hire photographers on Sundays for his interview sessions with the celebrities. Soon his work was liked by people and actress Shabana Azmi and his cousin Shobha De pushed him to follow photography as a profession. Asha Bhosle conducted an exhibition for Gautam Raj Adhyaksha in 1989 in Pune. He was however reluctant about the same initially but the success of the exhibition boosted his confidence. Soon he started clicking various musicians, sports persons, industrialists, writers, etc. His passion for photography nurtured with every success and today he is one of the well known names in the Indian photography industry. In his career so far of more than seven teen years he has photographed more than two hundred celebrities.

Vikram Bawa is another established name in the photography industry in India. His name is famous all over the world for his work in fashion and landscape photography. He is one photographer who tries to add a touch of innovation and liveliness to all the pictures clicked by him. Before Vikram actually became serious about his passion in photography he studied mathematics and law and also took care of a chemical factory. His view of fashion photography is simple and clear, He believes that an equal effort is required from the model and the designer to make the photo shoot a success. Lack of effort from either party will result in a lifeless photograph. His utmost dedication and the ability to bring out the best out of the things in hand have always paid him. People who have experienced working with Vikram Bawa are all full of praise for this professional photographer.

Subi Samuel is also a top rated Indian photographer. He is appreciated for his work not only in India but all over the world. His dedication to give every photograph a unique look has always given him an edge over other photographers. Subi Samuel?s work is considered by many as a perfectionist?s work. He brings with him a professional attitude and covers all aspects of concept photography. He has worked for a number of commercials, film publicity campaigns, etc.

Ashok Salian is another well acclaimed photographer who is into this profession for the last seventeen years. His first assignment that made him popular was Gladrags photography. He understands and acts upon the basic principle that unless the photographer explains the concept to the subject at length and his/her expectation out of it, the subject will not be able to deliver the best and the photograph will not speak to the viewers. His aim lies in creating a great photograph by not only his efforts but also channelizing the efforts of the designer, model, surroundings, etc. He has achieved great fame due to his ability to blend all the resources well to produce a great photograph.

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