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Australia is known to be a place of several renowned photographers in various categories including wedding photography, still photography, landscape photography, portrait photography, family photography, fashion photography, advertising photography, product photography, event photography, etc. Many Australian photographers have been awarded and acclaimed in several parts of the world for their outstanding contribution to photography. Not only are these top Australian photographers acclaimed all over the world, they are also a source of inspiration for several budding photographers.

Alex Fevola is one of the prominent names in the list of top photographers in Australia. She was born in the year 1977 and her parents named her Alex Cheatham. Later in the year 2005, she married Brendan Fevola, a famous footballer. But this marriage could not last for long. She started her career as a model but soon realized her passion for photography. She is a recognized name in the photography of celebrities. Portrait photography is her area of specialization. An added advantage for Alex Fevola is that she also has in depth knowledge of makeup and grooming. Since she has experience of both the sides of the camera, the results show the quality. She is a talented photographer with an unmatched style. She can cover everything from make up to the whole look and finally capture the best emotions in a photograph. People who have worked with Alex Fevola has all praise for her commitment and dedication to her work and to achieve the desired outcome.

Pedro Virgil is another top rated Australian Photographer whose work is recognized at several places. His photography work is showcased in several magazines and journals including - the GQ, GT, FHM, Inside Sport, All in MAG, Men?s Health, Sports illustrated, etc. His work can be seen on billboards of various brands including ? Sony, Rolex, Van Heusen, Sony Ericsson, Adidas, Calvin Klein, etc. His work for popular television shows including Australia?s Next Top Model, Australian Idol, etc. is recognized throughout the world. Pedro Virgil has shot various celebrities and most of them are of the opinion that he brings with him a sense of cheerfulness and makes the people around very comfortable. His dedication and result oriented approach always helps him get the best out of his efforts. His clients trust him blindly for the job assigned. Most of his work is acclaimed not only throughout Australia but across the world.

Another well known Australian photographer is Anne Zahalka. She was born in the year 1957. Her work is mainly focused towards depicting the Australian culture through her photographs. One of her images that is a recognition to her name in the industry is the Sunbather. This painting was portrayed in the exhibition conducted by Anne Zahalka in the year 1989.

Adam Pretty is another Australian sports Photographer with his name spread all across the world. Born in Sydney, Australia, he started his career in the year 1997. His love for photography can be inferred from the fact that he used to do freelance photography after school hours. He serves Getty Images as one of the key officials. The list of awards and recognitions in his portfolio is too large including ? Word press photo award in the year 2000 and 2004; Walk ley award in the year 1998, 2993 and 2004; Pictures of the year international award in the year 1998, 1999 and 2000, etc. Adam Pretty has worked in several parts of the world including USA, Europe, China, etc. His passion for sports and photography is unmatched and brings the best out of all the efforts he makes.

Emmanuel Santos is a well known documentary and art photographer, based in Melbourne, Australia. Born in the year 1957, he started photography in his early years of age. His work is recognized in several museums across the world including ? the state museum of Victoria, Beth Hate futsoth Museum, the Jewish Museum of Australia, National Gallery of Victoria, etc. He has showcased his work through his exhibitions throughout the world. He has been awarded with many awards including ? Leica CCP Photo Documentary Award in the year 1999 and 2001; Presidential artist award in the year 2000; Besen Foundation Artist Grant Melbourne Australia in the year 1998; etc.

Jack Atley is another famous Australian photographer who started work at the age of eighteen. He is known for his outstanding contribution to the field of photography not only in Australia but across various countries of the world. His award portfolio include ? first place in Agfa World Photographer of the Month in the year 2002; first place in Australian Tennis Photographer of the Year; first place in AFL Photographer of the Year in 1995 and 1997; first place in The Commonwealth Photographic Awards in the year 2002; first place in the Walk ley Australian Press Photographer of the Year in the year 1995; etc.

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