Top Cement Companies In India For Home Construction


In the construction of the homes, cement is used as binding medium. It sets and in the process, gets hardened. It can bind other materials along with it. It is used heavily in masonry and one of the most common materials to be used. There are hydraulic and non-hydraulic cements in the construction of homes involved. The cement is also heavily used in the production of the mortar as well as the concrete. The concrete is used to bind the natural as well as man made jelly stones in the construction of drive ways for the homes. Concrete is in fact, a combo of both cement as well as other aggregate materials. In this guide, we are going to have a look at the Top Cement Companies in India for Home Construction.

ACC Cement

ACC Limited, was in the former period known as the Associated Cement Companies Limited. It is an Indian owned company that is involved as the top company in the manufacturing of the cement. The registered office of the ACC limited is often referred to as the cement house. It is located in Mumbai. The Company is listed in Bombay Stock Exchange and its share prices are very much market dependent. It was governed by the Swiss Cement company called as the Holcim in the year 2004. Only before four years, the name was changed to the ACC cement Limited. It is the only cement company which enjoys the super brand status in a country like India.

Ambuja Cements Limited

It was formerly known as the Gujarat Ambuja Cements Limited. It is one of the leading cement companies manufacturing cement in country of India. The major business of the company is the manufacturing as well as the sales or marketing of the cement. It caters both the domestic as well as the foreign markets. This company is highly innovative since it has shown its innovation skills by utilizing certain measures relevant to the innovation in the cement industry. This can be named as sea transport, power plants which are captive in nature etc. It is also involved in the importing coal to India as well as avails subsidies to the various projects of the Government of India. It is also a partner group to the second largest cement manufacturing company in the world called as the Holcim Group. Statistics reveal that Holcim in the present market conditions has invested in 46 per cent of the shares of Ambuja Cements Limited.

UltraTech Cement

UltraTech cement limited is the largest cement company that is operative in India. It is based in the city of Mumbai in India. It is the largest exporter of the clinker from the Indian market. The parent company of the UltraTech Cement is the Aditya Birla Group. The annual production of the UltraTech cements in India is capacity wise over 52 million tonnes. It is involved in the marketing and the production of the following:

? Ordinary Portland cement
? Portland Pozzalana cement
? Portland Blast furnace Slag

It is also involved in the manufacturing of the ready mix cement which is also called as the RMC. The export market that is catered by the UltraTech cements spans across the countries in the Indian Ocean, Europe as well as the Middle East. This company is the part of the Grasim group.The plants of this company that are involved in the manufacture of cement are 12 in number. Along with that, it has 11 units dedicated to grinding and one plant for clinkerization.

Larsen and Toubro cement (L&T construction)

An estimated revenue of L&T construction is US$ 9.54 billion with an operating income as high as US$ 1.59 billion. The headquarters of L&T construction are situated in Mumbai. It is the biggest construction company in India that is also involved in the manufacturing of the cement for Indian homes. It is a multinational company which is a conglomerate.It is also widespread in other aspects of business such as power generation, cement plants, construction of ships, refineries etc. L&T cement has it presence internationally through its network of marketing and distribution of cement to the foreign markets. It is a public sector industry founded by men whose last names are Larsen and Toubro. The cement manufacturing division of L&T comes under the ECC ( Engineering Construction and contracts ). The ECC division is major income to the L&T group as a conglomerate. It covers varied disciplines that are related to construction in India viz. civil, mechanical, instrumentation and electrical alongside its business in the cement manufacturing industry. L&T construction has expanded and is focusing its projects in the Middle Eastern countries, Russia, South East Asia, Mauritius etc. by supplying of cement to those markets.

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