How To Maintain A Good Garden In Your Home?


When you have a garden, there is a requirement from you that you need to maintain it so that it appears to be neat as well as clean. The plants in your garden must remain healthy. You get a lot of benefits from the garden like fresh fruits, vegetables, etc. It is said that nothing tastes better than what is grown in your garden. In this guide, we are going to see as to how to maintain the garden of your home.


Weeds are very unfriendly with the crops as well as the growth of the plants in your garden. Hence you should make it a point that your garden is always safe and free from all the weeds. This will spruce up your garden. Weeds spoil the look of the garden. They also attract various insects as well as cause diseases to the plants. These diseases spread from plant to plant through the different weeds. They also snatch away the nutrients as well as the other requirements and hence it is necessary that you curb the weeds in your garden.


The very next step in the priority list of keeping your garden clean is to collect all the rubbish or any form of debris. The rubbish and the debris is out of control and it flows in to your garden. You need to clean the mess created by the same periodically. You also need to keep a watch on the fruits that are over-ripe. Over-ripe fruits are the ones which attract the insects which damages the healthy ones as well. Hence you need to remove the over-ripe fruits as soon as you spot them. They are the cause of pests and rodents in your garden.

Assess the health of the plants by taking a walk in your garden on a daily basis. You may be able to find certain plans or certain sections of trees that may be damaged by the living beings like the birds, animals and the rodents. In this case, you try to make a fix of the issue. This will be done in order to prevent the further damage. When you are taking a walk in your garden, try to remove any of the flowers which are wilted by carrying a pair of shears along with you.

Make a notebook

It is a common practice by many of the people to keep a map of their garden. The map will indicate the various sections of the garden and the type of plants that are present in each of the sections. You can also maintain a log book where you may jot down any of the repairs to the plants that have been done by you and note done some defects in your garden when you need to maintain it.

This could be a very useful practice when you want to sell your property to an other person and indicate to him as to what all plants are present in your garden. This is not the only use of your notebook. You can very well use if for some things else also. You can create reminders for yourself as to when each of the plants blossom and what is to be done in the maintenance cycle of each of the plants.

You can also make a list of plant which are very healthy as well as those which did not bloom that well in your garden. In this way, you can learn from yourself as to which plants do you not need to plant so that you can find them as not useful for your garden soil.


You need to maintain the soil so that it is loose and contain the organic matter in it as well. It is very much necessary for the growth of the plants. The organic matter that is present in the soil must be evaluated and added if necessary because it supplies the nitrogen to the plants and helps them in order to grow well.


This the next most important factor. Your garden must receive full and bright sunlight for at least 8 hours on a daily basis. The good location example is the south facing slope. This is because this is an area where the conditions pertaining to the flow of the wind are not that harsh and extreme.


You should never have the habit of walking on the wet as well as that piece of ground which has been freshly tilled. This is because, doing so can compact the particles in the soil and hence it squeezes the oxygen out which renders it useless for the plants.


You should till the organic matter into the soil periodically so that it is fresh as well as contribute to the growth of the plants.

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