How To Buy A Good Dog For Home Security?


We live in a society where the rates of crime are going up day by day. It is sometimes very much scary in order to be alone at our own house. Hence there is a requirement that you want to increase the security of home with the help of a canine or a dog. It is difficult choice to choose between the various categories of the dogs. It is easy in order to improve the security of the home with the help of a dog. But there is an imposition of the additional constraints when you increase the security of home outside the premises. In this guide, we are going to see the tips to choose a dog for security of our homes.

According to a survey that was conducted amongst 300 prisoners who were jailed in the process of burglary of a home, the following results were obtained. 65% said that dogs that are good in size and employed for security of the home would be able to scare them. 35% said that there is no fear of any of the dogs employed for home security. The result analysis on this survey is indicative of the fact that most of the people are scared of the breed like Doberman. Then slightly less number comes for the credit to be given to ?pit bull? for home security. Rest of the scare is caused by almost all the dogs, also the German Shepherds are proven to be most effective for home security.

It is a major decision to be made by you and hence following are the tips to choose amongst the various breeds.


The size of the dog that you buy determines the fearsome appearance for the dog. You need to stress on the size to make it look more appealing for home security. Even a dog which is medium sized is a good choice to be made. Small dogs are in general very delicate and vulnerable to getting attacked. Mishandling them may cause damage to them. Make sure you buy a dog of relevant size since it is a question of your home security. On the other hand, dogs that are very huge need very large space to move around. Also, if the tail is long, then it needs the space for wagging of the tails. Also, the large dogs give more expenses in food. To keep them healthy, you need to spend much on their food. Also the medical treatments are expensive for such dogs. Training is a very important factor here. It becomes tedious to train a puppy which will grow on to become a giant dog.

Activity level

Not all dog breeds have same energies to be active enough. Breed distinguishes activity level. But, you cannot completely determine by the breed as to how active the dog will remain throughout his life. There is a requirement from the every dog to have routine in the exercise, so it is absolutely necessary that you are able to provide the necessary exercise to it. You have to commit the dog for two or more walks per day, if not you do not have to buy higher energy dogs. Go for dogs with lower energy in that case. You can consider a dog to be your partner in jogging, digging a hole in the backyard of yours, or some of the other healthy activities.

Physical maintenance

Dogs need to be maintained and they need to be maintained good. Basic grooming is required by all the dogs. It is the requirement of this grooming that is to be done based upon the hair coat that the dog possesses. You need to always be prepared in order to do some extra cleaning since your dog can act to be quite messy. Shredding can be reduced of the hair when you keep handy for yourself some of the grooming tools. Then the dogs might also be prone to the various infections of the ear that you may need to take care of. Drooling is also a common problem amongst most of the dogs. You may need to carry cloth or something in order to prevent them to do drooling.

Age factor

Training and attention is the greatest to be given when it comes to be given to a puppy. Make sure to train the puppy by doing some housebreaking and then teaching and training them accordingly. The problems will eventually become lesser and lesser when there is a training session that is regular as well as dedicated ones. It is also necessary to develop a mental attitude to accept the fact that the grown up puppy is something different that you expected your training would cultivate in a canine for your home security.

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