How To Maintain Your Home Properly?


The health that is related to the home of yours, if not literally, is more or less similar to that of the personal health of yours. If it is made to go for the regular checkups, then the problems that arise due to the home problems are far less. Hence the health of your home needs to be checked as well as maintained on a regular basis. When you have the regular and timely checkups, then there is a very low chance that the major problems arise out of the timely small problems. In this guide, we are going to see a guide to maintain your home properly.

Exterior health

These will enlist the health of your home pertaining to the external features that it displays. These are as follows:


You need to check the roof visually. Check very carefully from the ground. You need to check for some of the shingles that are missing. Some of the parts of the roof also will be in a damaged condition. You need to make a point to fix it all up. The roofs have the drainage systems as well. This is there in order to make sure that the rain water falling on the roof has a proper outlet to flow away. You need to check the pipes and gutters in the roof for any of the blockages. If you find the roof damaging or the drainage system in the roof leaky or there is possibility of it getting choked, then you need to make a detailed note of the issues and call the concerned specialist. You can approach the local plumber also in order to fix the piping and drainage issues of the roof top.

Downspouts and gutters

You need to check the gutters and the downspouts on a regular basis like once in a month. These should be carefully examined so that you can point out if there are any leakages, or any of the choking problems that are present in the gutters. You need to check the connections in the gutters at the regular intervals of the space right from the foundation of your house till the end points where it joins the gutters from the other houses into the main drainage systems. You need to remove anything that can cause obstruction to the flow of slush or can potentially cause obstruction.

Veneer and siding

You need to examine the walls of the house if they are showing any signs of damage. In most of the houses, there is a common problem of paint getting worn off and hence the bricks and the steel rods in the walls are exposed. You need to do masonry works if there is the same problem.

Windows and doors

You need to check the caulking doors as well as windows. You need to check the hinges of the same as to whether they are making noise when the doors and windows are constantly being shut and open. If that is the case with your doors and windows, you need to apply oil and smoothen the process by lubricating.

Lawn and garden

You need to show high level of maintenance of your home garden or lawn. If not maintained properly on a regular basis, then they give a very pale look to the overall appearance for your home.


You need to check if there are any of the cracks or there is deterioration in the roads. If you find the case to be worse, then you need to reseal the cracks.

Heating and cooling

You need to make sure that the ventilation of your home is a good one which allows the air to circulate. If necessary, clean those units with a garden hose.


Now we slowly move towards the internal features of the home of yours. These may include the following:


Check if there are any leakages. Check for connection problems and leaks in the toilet areas as well as near the sinks. Keep them all clean and free of germs. Use anti-bacterial agents in order to clean them.


Check for the various appliances. You need to check the earthling connections and you need to maintain everything very clean. Food storage areas must be kept free from moistures.

Water purifier

You need to check the filter of the water purifiers periodically. There may be issues which you need to clean it up.

Smoke detectors

You need to check the smoke detectors on a periodic basis so that it does not fail during the fall out of an emergency. Check the operation of theirs by triggering the smoke alarms yourself.


You need to keep the basements clean, away from moistures. You need to check the same areas for termites as well as evidence of the insects which cause deterioration in the wooden materials.

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