How To Buy A Good Television For Your Home?


Buying a TV is an investment that is done once in like 10 to 15 years hence you must be very careful while doing so. You need to follow certain tips so that your money is worth the buy. In this article we shall discuss the same.


You need to maintain and decide on a budget so that you know exactly what is the maximum amount of money that you want to spend for your home. In the TV show room, you will come across various ranges in a TV and you shall be confused as to what maximum amount you should spend. Even the sales person in the TV showroom shall ask you as to how much do you want to spend so that your investment is up to certain level.

Type of television

When you go for buying a television, you either go by some recommendations about a particular television set from an acquaintance or you or you go after you see an ad in the TV regarding a particular TV. Hence you might have predefined as to what type of television do you need for your home and the models to choose from. If you have no idea about which one to buy, as it rarely happens, then you need to have a look at the catalogue for the features of the various TV sets in the store so that you can know about the features that you want for your home and get one from the list. Researching the TV models and reading the reviews before going into the shop will be greatly helpful.

Standard models

It is better that you choose a TV set for your home from one of the standard models and do not go for a model that is too complicated or unheard of. In case you come across such, get info on it and visit the store the next time with the proper reviews of it. Do not let yourself get cheated in these matters.

Consider projector TVs

If you have a home that is spacious enough, then you can consider buying a TV which is operated based on a projector. Normally, the projector TVs range from 41 to 300 inches and they give good quality. These kinds of TVs can also be incorporated into the cinema quality and can be all set up in order to give you home theater experience.

Flat panel TVs

You also can consider buying the TVs with flat panels. These are the TVs that lack the built in picture tube and hence very flat in the surface. They are so flat they can actually be considered as photo frames. Owing to such a flat nature of theirs, you need to consider hanging the TV on to the walls. When you do so, it will not occupy any of the space of the floor.

Broadcasting signals

You need to understand as to what type of TV can you buy according to the type of signal that comes in your home for a TV connection. HDTVs use the digital broadcasting signals. These TVs are expensive. But the picture and the sound qualities that they offer are simply the best amongst the all.


You can also consider buying the standard SDTV which is nothing but a mid-way between the normal television that was available in the stores a few years ago and the HDTVs. Some of the SDTV models a video signal input so that you can hook up to a receiver of a digital TV as well as a set top box.


You can also opt for buying the mini-TVs. The mini-TVs features are something like a small screen which is about 4-6 inches in size of a TV screen and they also run on the AA size batteries as well as an adapter that can be plugged in. Note that the image that is displayed on the screen of the mini-TV is washed away by the exposure to the sunlight.

TV/VCR combo

You also need to understand the combination of the various TVs and the VCRs. Some of the TVs come with a VCRs or a DVD player built in within it.

Screen size

Decide on the size of the screen that you want to buy a TV for. You need to know that the screen size for a TV is measured diagonally and it ranges in size from 2 inches right up to 20 feet. You need to decide on the screen size based upon the size of your room as well. This will determine as to how far away will you sit in front of your television. Depending upon viewing distance for the eye, you need to multiply that distance by 0.4 to get the exact screen size in inches.

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