Best UK Brands For Home Flooring


The materials that are used in order to cover the floors such as Mannington flooring, are generally any finish materials that are applicable to a floor so that they are able to provide a good and smooth surface to walk. The various homes prefer to go for the various types of flooring. There are a lot of businesses in the UK which deals with the supply of such different flooring materials which form the requirements of the different homes. In addition to these, the options in the home flooring are such that you get the provision of services, if not raw materials. When you have contacts with a flooring supply business owner, you can get the flooring materials for a discount before your flooring business for the different homes kicks off and starts doing great business. In this guide, we are going to see the brands in UK that are famous for home flooring.


Floors-2-GO is a specialist in the field of flooring. They have a large range to offer from in the natural flooring and the products that are related to the laminate flooring in the United Kingdom. They have a large number of stores across the nation and each of the stores stocks a huge range in the flooring of the types wooden as well as the laminate flooring. They also offer a variety of accessories in the floor ranges. These include the underlay, beading as well as the bars and the doors and doors and the rug mats in order to provide a finishing touch to the floors.

It is a supplier of the laminates that cover the floor with the ply wood or the medium density fibers. They have glue less installation. They are very much durable for floorings. Bamboo flooring is also in great demand in these days that is provided by this brand. You can also go for the cork flooring which is making way to popularity owing to its eco-friendly nature. It is a special type of product that is offered by the brand.

UK Flooring Direct

UK flooring direct have the stores which are present nationwide. They are open seven days in a week. They ensue that you are able to buy the best in the flooring that can ever be offered by this industry no matter where your presence is. This is the point of establishing the branches nationwide and making their presence feels throughout United Kingdom. You can also opt for going for the expert advice from the various consultants in flooring that are available at each of the stores. They have an inspiration of the provision of instructional video for fitting of the flooring to the various customer bases of theirs.

The structural strength is derived from the same and hence it is laid upon beneath the actual flooring. This was realized by this brand we are talking about and a business opportunity in the sub flooring also was a great idea to start for this brand since the sub floors come under the construction part of any home. They offer in order to make firm sub flooring which is the term which is used in order to provide strength to the floor above. It provides support to the flooring. There are special purpose sub floors like the floating floors, floors which are raised, or he floors that can be sprung. Rather, it is the floor below the actual finished smooth surface of flooring.

UK Flooring Ltd.

This is premier flooring company offering its various products and services to the upper class citizens of the United Kingdom. It was founded in the year 1990. This company now forms a group of companies which is specialist in nature. There are the three companies that have been generated from the UK Flooring Ltd. They are UK Flooring Ltd., Harris Brothers as well as Pubs and Clubs. These companies in conjunction operate in areas that range from 20000 sq. ft. premises to the incorporation in the offices as well as the showrooms and the storage rooms. They have a combined history which dates back to the century and it employees over a thousand personal who are very skilled.

They offer professional as well as competitive service which is on the basis of their expertise and the acquired knowledge in the business operations over a century. They offer a variety of services which range from the soft installation services and the manufacturing as well as supply of the refurbishment package in the home flooring. Carpet is a classic example of soft covering that is offered by this brand in the UK. It is made up of natural fibers and you can avail the same to your customers in the form of supplies. Thus we have seen top brands in UK providing home flooring.

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