Best Indian Brands For Home Theatre Systems


A home theatre system is the system which is able to mimic the feel that is received by the movie watching in the theatre. It gives more or less the same liking as the one given by the commercial theatre system. It is also called as home cinema. It is the implication of the cinema experience which is directly bought inside the home. In India, the home theatre systems were popular a little later than as compared to when their launch was available in the market. It is because; the cost of the home theatre systems in India is such that it is not that much affordable by the Indian people. Hence, in the initial stages, there was not much market that was available for the same, but now, the market for the home theatre systems in India is growing at a large scale and expanding to bring in more revenue for the home theater systems companies. In this guide, we are going to have a look at the Indian brands for home theatre systems.


It is the best in the home theatre systems as reviewed amongst the people who have home theatre systems at their homes. It is a Japanese brand, a conglomerate and the fifth largest conglomerate. The parent company is the Sony group and it is in the Electronics business since many decades. It is heavily involved in the cinema experience for the homes having its own set of home theatre standards that is implemented in the tradition movie theaters as well. It is in the film production as well under the banner name of the Sony Entertainment Group. It is the leader in the semiconductor making which is employed in the home theatre systems of Sony Corp. manufacturing.

It is the major player in the home theatre system market with a market share of 27 per cent which is majority mainly due to the high definition system called Sony Bravia brand which is famous for its amazing picture quality though really very expensive. Next comes the other brands which contribute to the sales in the market pertaining to India after Sony Corp. home theater systems.


It is the MNC which has its own specialization in the field of the digital electronics that are specifically designed for the homes in India. It is also a Japanese company which has roots of foundation way back in history as the 1938. It has its presence worldwide. It has a manufacturing unit in the various fields that are related to the home entertainment business like for e.g. a home theatre system. The Sharp Corp. has 14% of its share in the Pioneer till this date.

The majority of the business for Pioneer Corp. does not come from that of the home theatre systems, but the car and consumer electronics. The operating revenue of the Pioneer Corp in a year exceeds 700 million Yen.

Sharp Corp.

It is also a Japanese company which is heavily involved in the making of the home theatre systems for the market that is catered worldwide. Sharp Corp. has an employee strength of more than 64500 and the foundation of this company dates back to as early as 1912. It is one of the leading brands in home theatre systems in India and worldwide. It is experiencing huge growth in sales in India in the recent years. It comes under the top 20 manufacturers as well as the sellers of the home theater systems in all over the world. It has headquarters that is based in Tokyo city of Japan.

Market in India for the home theatre systems is worth more than thousands of crores of rupees and the figures are also growing very heavily when sales study reports are referred to. Then main advantage for the companies selling home theaters in India is population of the working class in India. Especially consider the same in the cities where there are more than one person in the homes that are working. Market is ever growing at some rates between 48-52 per cent each year. The feel and comfort at homes that are offered by the home theatre systems now days are being more popular as compared to the experience of the movies which are watched in the traditional theaters.

Now a day, since the international brands have entered in India, especially the ones manufactured in Japan, the prices of the same were slashed down very heavily. Also the affordability of the same as an investment is high and hence viewed upon as a device to cater for the needs of the entire family and hence preference to install it at homes for the entertainment purposes. Demand for home theatres has grown and so is the supply in the form of sales.

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