Top Indian Brands For Home Telephone Service


A home phone is also called as the land line. The communication happens over the telegraph wire instead of communications via the undersea cable. The home telephone services usually incur some lower costs as compared to their counter parts like the use of the mobile phones. The landline is also there to increase the security in the communications. This is because it cannot be intercepted unless someone actually gets access to the physical line. There are over a billions subscribers just to the home phones in the various countries all over the world. In this guide, we are going to see the companies which provide services in home phone to India.


Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) is owned by the state and is a telecommunications based company. It is a service provider to most of the people in major cities in India like Mumbai and Delhi. It was a monopoly before. But in 1992 some policies were introduced that opened the sector of telecom to the other companies who were interested to invest in the telecom sector in India.

MTNL mainly is famous for the provision of the fixed line home telephones that it provides to the various customer base of its own. In addition to the home phone services, MTNL also provides services for the internet. The internet provision to the various subscribers of MTNL is based on the home phone lines only. The efficiency that was displayed by this company in Mumbai and Delhi is largely improved when a comparison is made since years ago when to handle a complaint, I took so many days in line. The connectivity of MTNL at least in the home phone sector is very dense and is chosen by the customers due to its durability as well as cost effectiveness.


BSNL is also owned by the state when it comes to the telecommunication in India. It is headquartered in New Delhi city of India. It is one of the biggest landline services providers for homes. It has a large, majority of the home services subscribers for telephone. It is the oldest as well as the largest telecom services provider for the home services in India. It has a spread which is present throughout the country of India, except Mumbai and New Delhi, where the home services are provided by MTNL as discussed before. It has a customer base of over a hundred million in India.

It is the provider mostly of every service related to the telecom in India. It is divided in admiration based upon the predefined and the ongoing telecom circles in India. These are nothing but the administrative units that are defined for BSNL operative in India. It is divided into the number of operative as well as maintenance based units in India. In the Indian economy, before the liberalization, BSNL used to enjoy a great monopoly. After the liberalization, it faced some of the brutal competitions in the home service provision of landlines in India. Still, BSNL is the greatest in home service provision. It is also relatively cheap service provider since its revenue mainly comes from the state government.

Bharti Airtel

It enjoys being the largest mobile phone service provider for the country like India. But when it comes to home service provider, it has services, which are not subscribed by many of the Indian homes. It is a public industry founded mainly in the year 1995 because of which it was not able to capture that much market share in the home phone services in India. The fixed line home services and the broadband services are offered by Bharti Airtel in the same connection that connects to its network to the different homes. However, Bharti Airtel, the area of Home services, provides wireless phones which are fixed, but can be moved inside the home. It is widespread and has operations outside India, mainly in the South East Asia.

Reliance Communications

It was formerly known as the Reliance Infocomm. It is a joint venture of the Flag Telecom as well as the Reliance Telecom. It enjoys revenue of over 13 billion in US dollars when it collectively combines all its services in India alone. The home phone services of Reliance in India re however, not that much popular. Reliance keeps its ongoing innovations in the various plans so that it is able to acquire more subscribers for its home services.

Tata Telecom

It is a subsidiary and is owned by the Tata Group in India. It has headquarters in Navi Mumbai. It operates under the brand name which is called the Tata Indicom. It offers home phone services, just like other private service providers and hence has to offer wireless fixed lines to homes to sustain the competition.

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