What To Sell In Home Security Business?


Home security is a means which contains the measures by which you can prevent an attack to your home. It can also deter attacks from the accessing of the home facilities, resources, information which is confidential etc. It contains a set of steps that you can avail from a home security businesses in order to curb the hostile attacks inside your home. It can be a very simple measure just like locking of a door by employing a strong door and a study lock for security reasons. Also, it can be as complicated as employing of security guards and allotment of weapons to them. In this guide, we are going to see the various things and services that are to be sold in a home security business.

Burglar Alarms

An alarm is the device which provides visual or audible or both types of warnings about an intrusion inside your homes. There are various types of burglar alarms that are available that can be used for a variety of requirements for your home depending upon the sturdiness in the security that you need to display for your home.

A burglar alarm is a safety alarm which is electronically designed in order to alert or warn you of a possible security threat inside your home. It contains various types of sensors which are connected to a control unit. The most common sensors are employed in order to warn you about a specific opening of a security door without your knowledge which might be an intrusion.


A vault is a secure space where you can keep valuable resources like money, records, documents, confidential information etc. It is more or less a strong room. The vault is used to prevent all the things inside it from the theft or an unauthorized access to it. They are the integral part of the security systems for your home and is a must buy from a home security business. It contains closed door which is sealed very tightly with a lock which is physically very complex to break open. Now days, electronic locks are also available for the vaults which either open with a fingerprint scan or a certain combination of coded numbers entered in it.

Electronic lock

It is a locking device which is operated by the supply of an electric current to it. They are standalone as well as used in conjunction with other security devices. They are connected and controlled by the various control systems. Some of the electronic locks are smart ones which monitor and record unwanted intrusions. Electronic locks use the electronic devices like the magnets, motors, solenoids etc. to activate the locking systems. This is done by removing or the supplying of power. Operation of such locks is mostly governed by switches or also can be eye scan or a fingerprint scan which is unique to an individual.

Electric fence

Electric fence acts as a barrier. It uses the electric shocks in order to deter the unwanted intrusions in your home. The voltage in the fences can be variable and can cause variable effects like a mild shock, unconsciousness or even in some cases of security, death. When an intruder touches the electric fence, he gets current flowing through him and hence a shock because he acts as a component of the circuit which is made when the fence is touched. Power energizer makes possible conversion from power to a pulse of high voltage.

IP camera surveillance

It is a type of digital camera which is digitally operated. It is used only for the purpose of surveillance. It employs the closed circuit television cameras (CCTVs) and also is capable of streaming of live data via the internet to the computer which is remotely located. There are two types of cameras to be sold in the home security systems and they are:

? Centralized IP cameras
? Decentralized IP cameras

Depending upon whether they require video network recorder at which location.

Keycard lock

It is simply a lock which is operated by the access via they keycard. They key cards are usually flat and rectangular and are made up of plastic. The dimensions of a key card are made similar to that of a credit card or a debit card. It contains a magnetic strip to give access to the authorized individuals. There are also other versions of the card like the bar code scanners, electronically embedded cards, smart cards, and the RFID proximity cards. The systems operate by the movement of the locking mechanisms when the card is inserted into the slot provided for it.

Barbed tape

It is also called as a razor wire. It is a mesh made up of the metal strips. They have sharp edges which cause injuries to human beings if tried to surpass it.

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