What Is Home Automation And How To Start Home Automation Business?

What is home automation?

Home automation is also called as domotics. It is the type of building automation which is extended for home. It can be the automation of the regular household activity. It can include the control of the lighting on the centralized basis for homes. It can also be extended to the other aspects of the activities that are conducted in a home like the heating, air conditioning and the ventilation. It is used in order to control the appliances and the other systems. It is designed in order to provide comfort as well as the convenience, energy efficiency, and more commonly for the security purposes.

It comes best to use in situations when the persons living in the home are disabled. It can also be very helpful for the elderly persons in the homes. The domestic activities are controlled through the automation of the homes. Some examples of such activities are home entertainment systems, houseplant and the yielding of the yards. It can also be used for the feeding of the pets in the homes when the persons living in the home are away leaving the pets alone behind in the house.

The devices that are to be automated be more or less connected through a network of computers So that the control commands for various activities and events are caused by a personal computer. It can also be designed so that there can be remote control and monitoring over the internet.

A new home is suitable for automating rather than a home where settlement has already been established. This is because, in a new home, the accessibility towards the walls, storage rooms and the outlets is more so that there can be accommodation to the various devices towards home automation for employing of the new technologies. The wiring charges and the hindrances are reduced when the wireless systems are used. There is a central controller for all the devices which communicates the various devices that it controls through the radio and the infrared signals. There also may be installed some of the network sockets for the same purpose.

In the next part of the guide, we are going to see as to how to start a business in home automation.

How to start a business in home automation?

' Home automation can be monetarily very rewarding, can be fun, challenging, exciting etc. There many things to consider according to the customer requirements. Start with writing of an executive summary, just like the business plan. The business plan can be written later when there is some experience gained by your business in home automation. Do not rush too much in the expectation of success. Success starts incorporating slowly with its own pace in the home automation business. Write your intentions and the business goals. Target some of the clientele that you can approach and consider them as regular business givers.

The next step would be to work upon the business plans of yours. Figure out the core products that you shall require. The services in the home automation products are itself a product and there should be a rate that is associated with it. Figure out which of the control systems are ones which you are going to use primarily. Approach the companies who sell these control systems and develop a good relationship with them. There can also be distribution channels what you need to be aware of.

Target your customer base. Define the category of profiles of people that you are going to sell your home automation services to. There are many flavors that are exhibited by the designers who run their home automation business based upon the client profile of theirs. Be clear of the engineering background involved in the installation process to fix all the products for home automation. You need to have employees with some programming background as well. Choose between the different brands of products for home automation according to the needs of your customers. Be clear of the market and the different products offered.

Set up a deal with a distribution channel. They may need you to be incorporate. Then they shall hand over the prices of the different products in home automation that are available with them. Know the pricing details and as to how to configure the different devices. You need to send your employees to the technical training classes that are offered by the companies who sell the home automation products.

Approach clients. You need to obtain the various products that you require only after you obtain a client and set up a deal with him on papers. Being in the home automation business, you need to keep free flowing cash with yourself as well as tackle many things simultaneously.

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