Various Products Involved In Home Lighting Business


The field of architectural lighting design is the one that is concerned with the illumination of the architecture involved. Home lighting is a type of business that falls in the same category. The application of home lighting also extends to the academic or institutional, office, retail, monumental structures?? lighting. The concept that is based in the home lighting business architecture is primarily concerned with the aspects such as the aesthetic appeal of the building, the ergonomic feel, and the very important part is the efficiency showed towards the saving of energy.

Light bulb

It is the most important as well as the basic thing that can ever be sold in the business that deals with the home lighting services. It is the source of electric light. It works on the principle which is called as the incandescence. They are also called as the arc lamps or simply the electric lamps. They are available in the various kinds of voltages. It is very cheap in order to manufacture the light bulbs. It finds its application towards the various kinds of lightning like the household lighting, commercial lighting, and table lamps in homes, headlamps as well as the flashlights.

The bulbs are available in the various kinds of energy ratings. It is generally seen that 90% of the energy supplied to the bulb in the electric current is mostly converted into the heat rather than the primary concern of getting converted into the visible light. Hence, it is seen that much of the power that is supplied to the bulbs is wasted. The electric bulbs, accordingly, come as various ratings in terms of the energy savings. The various filaments used inside of the bulbs as well as the various gases used to fill the globe decide on the energy rating.

Light reflectors

Light reflectors, as the name suggests are used in order to reflect the amount of visible light on to a surface. The reflection of light is possible from different surfaces. Also, the reflection of light that occurs from one light reflecting surface to the other varies depending upon the coefficient of reflectivity of the light surfaces. The light reflectors play a major role towards the usage in the home lighting business. It is also used in the photography. In home decoration business, it is primarily used in order to cause varied pattern since a combination of the different reflectors can be used to spread light such that it emits a pattern. The reflectors of light cause the home decoration when it is done evenly and without any obstruction to cause an effect to be decorative.


LEDs are some of the electronic components that are used widely in the home decoration businesses. The light emitted by the LEDs is very small in terms of illuminating a given area. But the LEDs often appear to be attractive. They are used in many home lighting as the indicator lamps. There are also the bulbs which contain the various LEDs to be applied in conjunction with each other so that they can serve in combination as to provide the total effect. The home lighting businesses also make use of the fact that when the Red, Blue and Green (RGB) LEDs are used in certain combination of various intensities, it can be used in order to emit the different colors so that the homes could be illuminated by the same.

Ventilation (ventilating devices)

The ventilation that is present in the house is used for the regulation of the air flow inside the house. This is the term, which is more commonly used for the inlet of the flow of air inside the house. However, the term is more generally used in these days. It is applied to the concept of the home lighting businesses as well. The home lighting employs the ventilation which to a more extent deals to the intensity regulation of light inside a particular home or a room. The ventilation can be used in order to regulate the flow of the natural light like the light from the sun inside the homes. Just like in air ventilation, the ventilation is used for inlet as well as the outlet of air, but in home lighting, the ventilation is used so that most part of it serves as the inlet of light.

Venation blinds

Venation blinds is a type of covering for the windows. It can be either made of fabric or can be made up of slats of wood, metal etc. It is adjusted by rotating from an open to a closed position. When it is closed, it allows for the slats in order to overlap with each other. It is used to control the intensity of light inside the house. They can be applied to the doors (with glass) as well as the windows.

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