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A career in the field of law in a country like India is quite a challenging one and requires best minds in the field of law to fight and defend cases related to criminal and civil and corporate litigations. In a country like India, where there is a population of more than a billion, there is a great awakening to the laws pertaining to corporate and business worlds. If you are planning to develop and hence start a career in the field of law in India, then you should enroll into a law school that is well recognized and have reputation all over the world. You need to subject yourself into conditions that will set up a benchmark in the world for a platform of lawyers all around the world who are in competition to you. In the guide to follow, we are going to discuss about the various institutions and colleges in India that are dedicated to provide top quality educations and knowledge in the field of law to the students of India.

NLSIU, Bangalore

It is the best college in the field of law in India. It is located in the Nagarbhavi area in one of the most cities in India, viz. Bangalore. It simply stands for National Law School of India University. It is responsible for offering of courses in various sectors like the undergraduate, postgraduate, and it also offers programs in the research category for the students who are interested in research in the field of law. It also offers you with an option in case you prefer to enroll into a course that is based on distance education.

NASLAR University of law located in Hyderabad

It is considered as one of the most prestigious schools in the field of law that has ever been established in India. The best of the courses in the field of law are offered by this University. It gives students a lot of options and flexibility in choosing their courses. The best part about NASLAR in Hyderabad is that it also conducts the exchange programs with the top universities in the world that is available in the field of law to the students of India. The campus of this college is located remotely at about a distance of 28 kilometers from the city of Hyderabad.

NLIU in Bhopal

It stands for National Law Institute University and is located in the heart of India, in the city called as Bhopal that is located in Madhya Pradesh. In order to take an admission in the course in the NLIU, you need to appear for the common entrance test. This university began offering courses since 1998 and offers a five year program in BA, LLB. It is also one of the best of the courses in the field of law are offered by this University.

National Law University in Jodhpur

For getting entry into a course in the undergraduate program in the NLU in Jodhpur, you need to study and give an exam called as the Common Law Admission Test, popularly known amongst the Indian law students as CLAT. In case you decide to appear for a course under the postgraduate structure courses offered by the University, then you need to enroll for an exam called as the NET or simply, National Entrance Test. This exam is organized by the NLU itself.

Campus Law Centre, Delhi

It is one of the law colleges in India that is reputed amongst law colleges in India and it is affiliated to the Delhi University. There is a common entrance test that you need to appear for before you are eligible for an admission in a law course in this prestigious institution.

NUJS, Kolkata

It is located in the city of West Bengal and is termed as the National University of Juridical sciences. It has a screening procedure for the students that appear for the entrance test of this University. It is mostly done by evaluation of the performance of those students through an exam called as CLAT as discussed above. It has course in the undergraduate as well as the postgraduate as well as the fellow courses to be undertaken by the students who wish to pursue their career in law.

Symbiosis Society?s Law College in Pune

It is one of the most popular colleges that offer a course in the field of law. It makes it the most popular college in law that is located in the entire western zone of India.

Government Law College, Mumbai

It is also very famous in the western part of India, located in the most popular city of Mumbai in India. It offers programs for the duration of 3 years or 5 years. Thus, in this guide, we have seen an overview of the best colleges in India for studying law.

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