Brands To Consider To Buy An Air Conditioner For Your Home In India


An air conditioner which is often referred to an AC for home is an appliance for home as well as office use. It is a system which contains the mechanism to dehumify an area as well as to extract and exhaust the heat to the surrounding areas. Air conditioners also regulate the temperature in their areas of presence through the temperature regulators and the sensors employed in them. India is a major market when it comes to the selling of the home appliances like air conditioners. In India, the market for home appliances like the air conditioners is very huge and booming yet owing to the population in India that can afford the home appliances air conditioners these days. In this guide, we are going to see as to which are the top brands in India that you needs to consider when you buy an air conditioner for your home.

Cost analysis of various brands of Air conditioners in Indian market

Now a day, since the international brands have entered in India, especially the LG, Whirlpool and the Samsung, the prices of the same were slashed down very heavily so that each and every household views air conditioner as a necessity rather than a matter of luxury and the affordability of the same as an investment is high and hence viewed upon as a device to cater for the needs of the entire family and hence preference to install it. Based upon the analysis and the survey report, it can be very well said that the characteristics that are displayed by the Indian market for air conditioners are much different in these days as to what comparison if done between the same to about couple of decades, years ago.

In the previous days, the costs of the air conditioners in the Indian market were very high with only the rich households being able to afford the air conditioners for homes as a matter of luxury. Now we are going to have a look at the businesses of each of these major players in the Indian market offered for the air conditioners.

Before the advent of the various trade policies and the economic structure of India, it is seen that only few of the Indian companies like Godrej majorly and then in line were Kelvinator, Allwyn, Voltas etc. were primarily responsible for catering the demand for the air conditioners in the Indian market. Also, during those days, there was not much demand for air conditioners since the climatic conditions were pleasant and use of no air conditioners could help the living. All these companies that are described here were responsible for the sale of the air conditioners in India heavily and used to capture the market share of up to 90 per cent. The air conditioner sales are seen to have a regular pattern and they seem to have repeated themselves in a cycle since the advancement of summer each year in India.

India and the air conditioners

Market in India for the air conditioners is worth more than thousands of crores of rupees and the figures are also growing very heavily. Then main advantage for the companies selling air conditioners in India is the climate that is present in India. Especially consider the same in the cities where the climate is very humid as well as hot favoring the use of air conditioners. Market is ever growing at some rates between 48-52 per cent each year. The fully automatic air conditioners now days are being more popular as compared to the semi-automatic types of the same.

Then there were some reforms in the Indian market, Indian climate as well as the Indian trade and economic policies. After such incident, the international brands like the LG, Samsung, Aiwa, Whirlpool and Daewoo stepped into the Indian market, made their mark as well as now they are among the top contenders to supply the air conditioners to the Indian market.

The major players in the air conditioner market are the LG Electronics India Pvt. Ltd., with a huge market share. Next comes Videocon and Samsung which has the market share lesser than LG. The next in line is Voltas with a market capitalization which is lesser than those three big players. Today, these companies described are controlling a major chunk of the share of the consumer durables goods in India, specially the white goods like the air conditioners.

Thus in this guide, we have seen that Indian demand for air conditioners is high enough for almost all international brands to show interests in the Indian market. Hence, if you are considering to buy air conditioners, it is better to buy an international brand like LG, Whirlpool, Samsung and Indian brands like Videocon and Voltas owing to their qualities as well as cheap prices that they display.

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