Top Known Brands For Home Appliances In India


India is a major market when it comes to the selling of the home appliances. In India, the market for home appliances is such huge owing to the population in India that can afford the home appliances like the washing machines, refrigerators, microwave ovens etc. India is mostly a family oriented country, hence all the appliances which help the home makers to get things done for her family quickly and easily has a very good market. In this guide, we are going to explore the top Indian brands in the selling of home appliances to India. Samsung

Samsung is the top brand in India selling home appliances. It is an MNC based in South Korea. It sells a range of home appliances like the TV, refrigerators, DVD players, food processors, digital electronics etc. It has revenue of more than a US $ 100 billion every year and hence it is the largest conglomerate that exists in the world of today in terms of the collection of the revenue. Most of the brands that are launched by the Samsung Group that are concerned with the home appliances are launched along with the Samsung group. It has other affiliated businesses on a large scale in addition to the Samsung Electronics.


The LG Corp. is also a conglomerate that is based in Korea. It has majority of its production in the home appliances brand. It caters a very large market for India for the supply of its home appliances. Mostly the home appliances are launched under the brand name of the LG Electronics. It caters the home appliances not only in India but also worldwide. It was founded in the year 1947 in South Korea. It is one of the leading manufacturers as well as the sellers in the field of the consumer electronics for the market in India. It also has revenue of over US $ 100 billion from its various markets in India. It is one of the most trusted brands in the home appliances by the home owners and is very much popular in terms of reliability amongst the home owners.


Videocon is an Indian company. It calls India as its home; however, it caters for the market in the consumer electronics all over the world. The Videocon group has as large as 17 manufacturing units or sites in India alone. It is a public company in India and has plants in other parts of the world like the Republic of China, Poland, Italy and Mexico. It is currently the third largest manufacturer in the world for the Television sets that employs a picture tube technology. It has its headquarters in the Aurangabad city of India and sells various products in the domains like the consumer electronics, home appliances, components as well as the home and office automation. Its corporate profile states that it has an n an annual turnover of around US $ 2 billion and hence it is the largest revenue maker when it comes to the selling of the home appliances in India. It has been successfully able to expand its operations globally since 1998. The most notable expansion of the Videocon Group is in the Middle East.


Whirlpool Corp. is listed in the Fortune 500 companies list of the Forbes magazine. It is a US based company with its headquarters in Michigan. It caters for the demand of the home appliances all over the world and has revenue as large as US $ 20 billion annually. This company has more than 70 manufacturing units as well as centers for research all over the world. It has its operations in nearly all the countries of the world. It enjoys the proud tag of being the largest home appliance maker of the world.


It is a company in home appliances that is based in Sweden. It has its headquarters in Stockholm. It deals with the manufacturing as well as the sale of the home appliances as well as the professional appliances all over the world. The most of the goods produced by this company are the white goods and vacuum cleaners. They are all sold under a variety of brand name. It is highly recognized by the Forbes magazine in terms of the market it caters in the home appliances.

Hawkins cookers Limited

It is a brand of India that is responsible for the manufacturing of the pressure cookers as well as the cookware. It has three manufacturing plants near Mumbai in India. It manufactures its products in pressure cookers and cookware under the different brand names like the Hawkins, Ventura, Futura as well as Contura. It is proudly the largest manufacturer of the cookware in India. It exports to more than 60 countries.

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