Why Not To Become A Lawyer?


It is generally seen that when you become a lawyer, you generally earn so much money that it is above the standard of income of a normal individual who is into any other different profession. The figures indicate the level of income that is very high. But it should be noted that that amount of salary comes for a great price. You need to slog out in order to reach to the top. When the lawyers are less experienced and young, they are made to work for an extra time for no additional cost to the law firm. Their pay structure and standard of life for legal persons is entirely different from the ones who are experienced in the market. Also, the young professionals are expected to tackle difficult situations without allowing someone cases to affect the quality of work that they display. In the article to follow, we are going to explore as to why you should not opt to become a lawyer.

Cost of education

It is a costly affair to get enrollment in a school of law. It is more than US $ 100000 that you need to spend in order to obtain a degree from a law college for a period of three years. Every penny is worth it though because you might get a job at a firm like Initiative Legal Group. It is also an addition to the burden from the school of law since many of the law schools are against the students working for a part time in a workplace to earn some money and support their own living. Hence it is not at all affordable for low income and middle income families to afford education of legal studies to their children. They need to take a huge amount of loan in order to get education in the law school if they cannot afford it.


It is seen that the average amount of salary that a lawyer is entitled to get after he graduates from a law school is very less as compared to what he is supposed to get if he had done graduation in some stream that is different to the field of law. This is very much contradictory considering the amount of difficulty that a lawyer needs to study for his course in the school of law as well as the difficulty of the bar exam that he is subjected to. Not only education, but every day in the life of a lawyer in the legal field is a learning day since he should be well versed and up to date with whatever new regulations pertaining to the field of law that is passed in the court of law from time to time. Also, the career curve is steep but it rises very slowly. This is because it takes as long as ten years for a lawyer so that he can reach the earning potential and be in a top position like a partner of a firm that is dedicated to the field of law.

Work environment

The lawyers have to work full time and as much as possible for the entire week to gain experience and exposure to specialize into certain cases of law. Some of the law firms are very strict on the amount of hours that are billable for their own lawyer to be worked for in a week. If you fail to meet those requirements, then it can lead to your termination and my affect your career. In certain cases that are pertaining to criminal and civil litigation cases, it is seen that the lawyers even have to dedicate their time to work on weekends as opposed to other professions.

High amount of stress

Handling the case of a client in the court of law can be a very stressful case for the lawyer who is responsible for taking up their case. Within the legal system, the lawyers are expected to deal with a conflict on a daily basis, and they should do so by maintaining calm and diplomatic face in front of their clients. If there is no complying with the set regulations, then your lawyer services may be barred by your clients and can easily spoil the market value of a lawyer.


Even before you graduate from a law school, you need to struggle a lot. This is due to the admission procedures that are followed in a law school as well as the difficulty in the course structure of law schools. The law schools favor students with rich academic backgrounds only. If you graduate from a law school that is not in the top tier you cannot expect to earn a lot of income and forget about earning great potential in your life as a lawyer.

Thus, in this business guide, we have discussed drawbacks of becoming a lawyer. We have also seen the reasons to not to become a lawyer.

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