How To Find A Good Tenant To Rent Your Home?


The economy of today is a very unpredictable one. The prime reason for this is the nature of the business and the work these days. If you own a construction site and have a property for which you are in need of a tenant to lease the property, then you need to make absolutely sure that the tenant that you find is a very reasonable one as well as be able to comply to the terms and conditions that you have set as a property owner. If some of the basic steps are followed, then the relationship between you as landlord and your tenant can be a very smooth one. In the guide to follow, we are going to discuss the various steps towards finding of the suitable tenant for your house.

Tenants? nature

This factor is very important for you as a landlord since your relationship with them for the next few years will be determined by the same factor. It is very important that you find yourself a tenant whose nature more or less mixes with that of yours. For the purpose of finding out their nature, you need to have the tenants fill a detailed form with an online available questionnaire which can ask them various personality based questions that might help you in order to determine whether you can have them as the tenant or not.

Whom not to rent

It should be very clear in your mind right from the beginning as to whom to not to let rent your property. Make a stereotype of the applicants who are a big NO for your role as the tenants at your construction site. If a tenant refuses to fill out the detailed application form, then do not let him rent your property. It is very important to not let the applicants with the bad behavior and the bad set of credit files to rent.


It is very much seen and evident that a set of references work the best in any form of industry, let alone the real estate industry. When you make the applicants fill out the application form, then you need to provide spaces where they can include a set of their references. Then you need to contact the references as stated by them and then you need to make a detailed not of what they want to say. You can get into the details of your applicants like the previous history of the paying of the rent by the applicant based upon the details provided by their previous landlords. You can also seek the information if any of the cases are pending against the tenant in the court of law.


It is very much necessary that you make sure that they pay you one month?s rent in advance so that you can keep it as a security deposit with yourself. If the applicant denies to pay the security deposit, then you can judge for yourself if he can pay the rent on a monthly basis or not.

Condition report

It is very much necessary that you make a detailed report of the condition of your property. This should include the condition of the doors and windows, clean walls, carpets, flooring and tiling, plumbing, fitting, electrical work, roof, balcony, curtains, kitchen pads etc. The condition report should be made to sign before the tenant is let to rent the property as well as the condition report form must be duly signed by the tenant so that the tenant cannot complain of anything after the term of the lease. All these make a guarantee of protection for your home. Add relevant photographs along with the necessary condition report.

How to find a good tenant

You can put the ads in the newspapers and the internet so that the interested people can see the ads and apply accordingly. You need to include the pictures of the apartments in order to attract the tenants who are according to your criteria. You need to include the property address as well as the contact numbers of yours in the ads.

You must be ready to show the property to the tenants in case you are asked by them to see an inspection in certain cases. You should be patient and not get frustrated if the efforts made by you fail to yield any of the results.

You need to hand over the application to whoever comes along to see the property. You need to ask them for the enough points of ID so that it can be easier for you in order to make the credit check of the applicants. You need to call up the credit bureau of the respective applicants to access their database and search for info on your applicant.

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