What A Real Estate Appraiser Do And Why Needed?


A real estate appraiser is also called as the property valuator as well as the land valuator. It is the practice in which the opinion about a construction site is expressed. It is usually called to be its market value. The need for the appraisal is because of the investment which is derived from the property which is of the heterogeneous nature. This is mainly because there are no two of the properties which are identical in nature. Also, the properties are present on the different locations. Hence, there cannot be a central price system which can determine the price of a property. Hence there is an utmost need for someone experienced in construction sites to determine the value of a property. In this guide, we shall explore the various aspects of real estate appraisal as well as see as to why we need to property appraisal of a construction property.

There are some areas which do not require licenses at all. Even then, the certifications require the appraisal aspects such as the property valuer or the land valuer. The opinion that is delivered by the appraiser is based on the opinion that is delivered on the market value of the construction site in concern. When this is the case, the real estate is evaluated for the use such that it is able to deliver the maximum available profit after a number of years. When there are the concerns of the mortgage valuations when for e.g. a bank loan is to be availed to the holder of the property in concern, then the appraisal is commonly done on a sheet of paper which is standardized in order. Appraisals of the property which are of the more complex form are such that they are usually reported in a narrative manner.

In the appraisal of any of the properties, we come across the following terms with respect to a value of a property:

? Market value: The price at which the asset under consideration would perform for trading purposes in the auction of the property. Market value is the Fair value and is usually known to be very much interchangeable with the market on an open platform basis.
? Value in use: It is defined as the net present value that is generated for the flow of the cash when the construction site is used for a specific purpose. It can be the value above or below to the market value. It is the value that is delivered to an individual user.
? Investment value: It is the value that is generated to the one of the particular investors out of the many investors. It is generally known to be a little or much higher than the market value of the construction site.
? Insurable value: This does not include the site value. It is termed as the value of the property as and when it is covered by an insurance policy.
? Liquidation value: It can be analyzed as a forced or liquidation on the orderly basis. It is the main feature that is conducted when there are proceedings related to the bankruptcy charges. In this pattern, there is an urgency to sell the property due to which the price of the property is less than the market value.

What are price and value?

It is very important concept that the real estate appraisers are able to distinguish between the price and the value of a property. The price that is obtained with respect to any of the transactions that happened for a property may or may not determine it?s the market value of the property.

There are the three general approaches that are to be followed when you find the value of the property. These are as follows:

? The cost approach
? The sales comparison approach
? The income approach

The various approaches towards appraisals

The real estate appraisers normally use the cost approaches which are also called as the summation approaches. The value of any of the construction sites can be determined by the summing of the value of the land as well as the depreciating value of the property under the consideration. There is another approach called as the sales comparison approach which is primarily based upon the principal of substitution. In this, the data regarding the construction site is collected on the recent sales that are encountered for the other properties. This collectively goes in as the appraisal report.

Why is appraisal needed?

Appraisal forms the very important aspect of the real estate industry since the approaches are used for estimating the value of the construction site for the purposes of loans, mortgages, buying of real estate, evaluation of a commercial plot for the business purposes etc.

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