What A Home Inspector Do And How To Become A Home Inspector?


The home inspector has the best interests of a home owner in the mind and he does the job functions accordingly. The home inspection motive is to find a leak in the home. The term leak does not mean in its literal terms but it specifies anything that has gone unnoticed. It is recommended to every home owner to use some qualified home inspector in order to sort out the issues related to the repair and cover the areas that need utmost attention. The comments in the inspection report that are delivered by the home inspector must be read carefully and implemented upon to get a better feeling of what you call as ?home?. In this guide, we are going to see the duties of a home inspector that are prepared on any real estate as well as how to become a home inspector.

Duties of a Home Inspector


The home inspector makes an acute observation of the walls, claddings, curtains, entry, windows etc. He makes sure that the exterior of the house is safe enough in order for the people to live inside the house. The walls and the pillars are thoroughly examines for their durability. Also, the doors and the windows are examined if they can be relied upon when there is a situation which requires emergency exit like the opening of a fire.


The home inspector shall observe carefully the interior of the house which includes the steps, stairways, balconies, leakages etc. Then a report shall be given as to what modifications are to be made in order to ensure safe and carefree living of the people inside of the house. The house is inspected even for molds and harmful bacteria which can make the living unhealthy inside the house. The pest control aspects of a home are also considered and examined upon. The paint and the water leakages are reported.

Structural components

The structural components of the home such as the strength in the pillars, walls, foundations, basements, etc. are examined and advised if found to be damaged. In certain homes, there is a problem of water penetration due to the weakness that is rendered in the structural components. All these are reported adequately. These are some major factors as the negligence towards the structural components can prove to be fatal.

Plumbing and the electrical system

In addition to the above, the plumbing system is checked for some leakages or some blockages that may be present. The electrical abnormalities which generally go unobserved are treated quite severely and hence they should be inspected thoroughly. There may be an exposed piece of wire that may contain high voltage in the normal conditions. All the insulations and the fuses are appropriately checked and advised if repairs or attention is needed. The security systems are also double checked to provide no loopholes to the intruders.

How to become a home inspector

Home inspection is a profession which is challenging on a daily basis but also a very rewarding one. It requires you to be physically as well as emotionally very strong. There are personal physical risks that are present.

Classroom education courses

IN order to become the home inspectors, you need to undertake certain classroom courses which will train you on the various aspects of the home inspection basics. There are some certifications also available in the same. You need to be well acquainted with all the aspects of what are examined and severity of the various aspects when examined thoroughly in a real estate.

Home inspection Franchises

It becomes easy for you to enter the market as the home inspector when you opt for a franchise of a well-known home inspection business which is established in the market. They also offer you a good amount of training. You need to learn all the ways of their line of business and get stared by following the same in your day to day life of business of home inspection.

Home inspection experience

You can also join the home inspection business as a trainee. This will be done mostly by the firms that are established on a very large scale. You can visit yellow pages in order to get info on the companies which are established business in home inspection sector. You can also be a part of some of the associations that deal with the home inspection businesses. You can attend their meetings and get a know how about the line of work. You also need to keep yourself financially stable as well as well capitalized so that you can start a career in home inspection and then also continue growing in the same path.

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