How To Make A Career In Property Management business?


The business of property management is in the real estate and it deals with all types of real estate such as the residential, commercial as well as the industrial real estate. It also deals with the management of the personal property and the various things that can be present on a property like the tooling, equipment, the physical capital assets etc. Property management is the field that involves the manpower, systems as well as the processes required to manage the property under the consideration. It requires a diversified set of skills like the acquisition, control, utilization, disposition, maintenance etc. of the resources that are involved in the process of the management of any property.


In order to consider making a career in the field of the property management, the first initial step is to obtain the licensing which gives the legal right to provide services in property management of the real estate involved. The country in which you are conducting a business in the property management of the real estate, you will have different requirements for licensing in the different states. In order to be able to run the property management business, you need to be licensed company or a licensee in charge needs to be there. There are different acts governing the licensing requirements.

Set of basics to be followed

You need to look out for an office. Reference checking with your previous employers is a prime requirement of the property management services. The finding of a very good tenant who is capable of paying timely rent of a property in concern as well as the one having a good set of credit history is very much essential and frequently required in the managing of any property allotted to you by the landlord. The management part becomes easy if you find a good tenant for a property which you manage. It is very much essential to conduct a background investigation of the tenant in concern like finding out if the tenant has a job to be able to pay the rent, how many people are responsible for signing of the lease etc. There should be absolutely no discrimination involved in the age, caste, gender etc. You need to be absolutely learned on what credit score you shall accept for a particular property even before the tenant signs a lease. These are some of the basics involved in the start of the property management business.

Work experience

It is impossible to manage real estate by own unless and until you opt to go for some work experience. For the same, you need to get a job in some spot rental agency. A spot rental can be viewed upon as a resort type of a property and can be available to be rented to the people for a matter of a few days at a stretch. There are day to day headaches of the property management. This is primarily because a real estate agency deals with many properties of many owners and handles many of the tenants over a period of time. You need to develop a good set of relations with the plumbers, electricians, cleaners for carpets, carpenters etc. which are commonly required by a property to be managed by you.

Property management by some investment

It is a very difficult way to learn but helps a lot for your career in property management. What you can do is, you can invest in a property all by yourself and then try to manage it. Here the most important job function in the learning curve of starting property management business is to screen the applications of the tenants. Collecting rent is also a challenge in this case because there are bound to be some problems that are encountered when you try to collect rent on a timely basis. You need to learn the tricks of the trade. You need to be master in the communication skills with with the tenants as well as the owners of the property. It is necessary that you make the tenants sign a written lease and then make them abide to it whenever you feel that they are deviating away from the terms and conditions. There needs to be a security bond that needs to be deposited by the tenant in the concerned authority. In some countries such bodies are known as the Residents Tenants Bond Authority (RTBA).

In the end, you need to make a career plan to take up a job in the property management services. This is the line of work which is involved 24/7 and it keeps you busy as well as in tension for most of the time.

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