Top Brands In Baby Powder

The skin of the baby is very delicate. In the growth stage, the baby?s skin is prone to rashes and allergies if products with harmful ingredients are applied to it. Thus it is the first priority of every parent to buy and apply only those baby products on the baby?s skin which contain natural or organic substances to nourish the skin. Baby powder is one product that must be applied on the baby?s skin to prevent diaper rashes, sweating and to give a fragrant fresh feeling to the baby. Since the skin is porous, the baby powder when rubbed against the skin, it gets into the deeper layers of the skin. Baby powder also helps in giving a soothing effect to highly sensitive skin of some babies. Nowadays various companies have entered into manufacturing baby products which has made the choice even more difficult for the consumers. However, many parents still prefer the established brands in this sector.

Johnsons and Johnsons baby powder is a well-known and one of the most trusted baby powder brands available across various countries. In fact Johnsons and Johnsons Baby product business owe its origination to Johnsons and Johnsons baby powder. Earlier this company manufactured medicated plasters. It started selling a powder as some patients complained that the plaster caused skin irritation. This powder was also used by some people to protect their babies against diaper rashes. This was the foundation of one of the world?s famous baby powder brands. Since the year 1893, Johnsons and Johnsons baby powder has come a long way. This brand offers a variety of baby powders including ? classic baby powder, calming lavender and chamomile baby powder, cucumber melon baby powder, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E baby powder, medicated baby powder, etc. Its products are clinically proven and have a mild and soothing effect on the skin of the babies. It is a trusted brand in the segment of baby powders by many people across various countries. For those who are still reluctant, this brand always comes up with various schemes and discounts to attract them. The product quality, freshening feeling, comfortable usage and refreshing fragrance help this company to retain most of its customers. This is not all; Johnson?s and Johnson?s baby powder is also used by many young women for their own use because of the quality of the product. Basically this baby powder comes in very fine particles and forms a smooth layer on the skin after soaking the excessive dampness. It?s easy to use packaging is another added feature that has added to the popularity of this brand. The easy availability of the products of this brand in local markets as well as online have also contributed a lot in making it a household name in this segment.

NiWei Cosmetics Co. Ltd. based in Dong yang Zhejiang, China, is another established player in the segment of baby powder. The baby products produced, marketed and distributed under the brand Shoff have a huge customer loyalty. This company follows the strategy of thorough research and development before the introduction of any product into the market. Shoff has a strong presence across south East Asia, USA, Middle East and Europe as it sells quality products available at affordable prices. This company has reached where it is owing to several reasons including - technologically advanced production facilities, uses imported raw materials, regular inspections are carried out, strict quality control is followed, etc. Its baby powder is known for its mild and calming properties.

Weleda baby powder is another well-established name in the baby powder industry. Weleda, the name is inspired from the goddess of wisdom and healing. Its product range including baby powder is made from natural and organic ingredients which have a refreshing and healing effect on the skin of the user. It has its own biodynamic gardens to produce natural ingredients. The main strategy and belief of this company is that natural ingredients can only provide the required nutrients to the skin and body. It is a trusted name in the baby care segment for the quality ingredients used in its products. Since its inception, the baby powder produced by this company has come a long way on the path of success.

Shanghai FRAG-FRAG Daily Chemicals Co., Ltd. established in the year 1981 has also made a mark in the baby powder segment with its product fang - fang baby powder. It is known not only in the domestic market but also overseas including ? USA, Asia, Africa, Europe, etc. The company focuses on strong expertise in research and development and strict quality control to maintain the quality and keep improving it with time. It was purchased by a foreign owned enterprise and went into restructuring after that. The baby powder products under the brand fang ? fang have been the favourite amongst many parents.

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