Different Baby Diaper Brands In India

The need for baby diapers was present since the ancient times. However, earlier when the baby diapers as we know it today, were not available, parents used cloth or other materials as per the resources available. With development in technology and design, the present day diapers came into existence. With time there are various new features that have been added to it. Many companies have entered and established various brands in the diaper segment of the baby products industry. In India, however, it was difficult to change the mind set of people from using cloth to using diapers. The diaper brands have adapted the products, advertised it, created awareness and reduced the prices to a great extent to fit into the requirements of the Indian market. This was because India has a huge potential for the baby diapers industry as it has one of the largest infant population across the world. Also the disposable incomes of the households is showing a rising trend, which means people can afford to switch to baby diapers from using cloth.

The Indian baby diapers market is dominated by mainly three brands. The first being Huggies, which is the most preferred brand by many people across the country and has the largest market share. Huggies is a brand of Kimberly Clark Lever Pvt. Ltd. which is a joint venture between Kimberly Clark Corporation, USA and Hindustan Lever Ltd., India. Kimberly Clark Lever Pvt. Ltd. has captured the maximum market share by constantly understanding the market requirements and adapting its products to fit into it. It understood that one of the major reasons for the Indian baby diapers market to remain at a nascent stage for so long is due to the high price of diapers as compared to cloth nappies. Working on this observation, Kimberly Clark Lever Pvt. Ltd. introduced a product line named Nappi pads, which was priced far below the diapers price and was in comparison to the cloth nappies. The brand Huggies is a common name in the baby diapers segment owing to the huge investment in advertising and promotion by this company. The advertising campaign was focused mainly on creating awareness of the benefits of using diapers over cloth. Huggies brand is a favourite amongst buyers for the high capacity absorbent material used. The baby can remain dry and happy for longer hours using Huggies baby diapers. The company plans to invest further in understanding the buyer?s psychology and adapting its products to the demands.

Another popular brand in the baby diapers segment of the Indian market is Pampers. Pampers baby diapers brand was launched in India by Procter and Gamble. Various products have been launched under the Pampers brand name to suit to the requirements of the customers like ? baby diapers with lotion top surface that protects the baby?s skin from irritation and rashes; a rash guard diaper that prevents eruptions caused by diapers; custom fit baby diapers for all age groups; etc. Pampers baby diapers are focused towards providing value for money to the customers by providing high quality latest baby diapers at affordable prices. It has always tried to focus its advertisements towards changing the perception of people and making them realise that disposable baby diapers are hygienically and performance wise better than cloth nappies. Procter and Gamble always tries to come up with various discounts and schemes to push the parents to try disposable baby diapers. Regular interactions with mothers and other awareness programs of Procter and Gamble are aimed to capture the huge potential available in the baby diapers segment of the baby products industry.

The third dominant player in the baby diaper segment is Snuggy baby diapers. This is a brand of Godrej. Godrej acquired Snuggy from Shogun Industries towards the end of 2006. The diapers sold under this brand are imported from a China based manufacturer. One of the reasons why the manufacturing plant is not set up in India is because of the high end technology required in manufacturing the baby diapers, which involves high capital investment. Until the market picks up, it is difficult to invest such a high amount in setting up the manufacturing unit. Also the raw materials used in manufacturing the baby diapers are mostly an imported one, which makes it even more difficult to manufacture the diapers in India. Godrej plans to import diapers till the time its sales pick up and it is in a position to invest heavily in the capital investment of setting up a manufacturing plant.

Other companies have also entered the Indian market lustrated by the huge potential available like ? Wipro, People and Gratt, etc. Libero is another brand offering some of the finest baby diapers like ? premium open diapers, wet wipes, pant style diapers, etc. Mamy Poko pant style diapers have also recently entered the Indian market with an aim to capture the huge potential available.

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