Different International Brands In Baby Clothing

Every parent wants to dress their loved ones in the best outfit, no matter what the occasion is. These days, there are a lot of options available for the parents to choose from in baby clothing sections. From baby rabbit suits to latest trendy denims, from simple cotton outfits to laced fairy frocks, from comfortable hosiery dresses to fashionable jackets, everything is available for the kids. Fashion keeps changing and designer fashion wear is not only for the grown-ups. Even parents of small babies follow latest trends in kid?s fashion. The increase in the demand for baby clothes has led to high competition levels in this industry. Various international companies have entered into baby clothing segments and are supplying its range to various countries across the world. Here is a list of various international brands in baby clothing that have made a mark in this segment.

Tutti Bella is an established name in the baby clothes segment offering a wide range of baby clothes through its online store. It is based in Woodland Hills, California and is present in the industry for more than ten years now. It offers clothes for both infants and toddlers under various brands like ? Appaman, Charlie Rocket, Chopstix, Elle, Fuzzy Wuzzy, Kicky pants, Paper Wings, Nano, Me Too, One Kid, Ollie Baby, Kiddo, Tractor, Submarine, T2 Love, Sweet Peanut, etc. Tutti Bella aims at providing high quality baby clothes to the customers. The focus is not only to make the baby look good but also to make him/her feel comfortable in what he/she is wearing. It serves a global market through its online store. It has put in its best efforts to offers an affordable price to its customers. It also comes up with the deal of the day scheme wherein it offers approximately forty to seventy per cent discounts on some of the clothes. It works on the strategy of treating its online customers as though they have walked in to the store and making the most out of the potential customers.

Another established international brand in the baby clothing segment is Juicy Couture Baby Clothing. Juicy Couture Baby Clothing offers some of the finest baby clothes including ? baby jogging suits, baby sweat pants, baby ruffle bottom set, etc. A lot of research is done before introducing any new material or design in the baby clothing segment by Juicy Couture to make sure that the products are not only hep and trendy but also skin friendly for the kids. Juicy Couture baby clothes also offer various schemes and discounts from time to time.

Anne Geddes, who is a famous baby photographer, is also a well-known name in the world of baby clothing. Anne Geddes focuses on developing baby clothes to make babies look like one in her photographs. It offers designer rose bud baby dress, sunflower baby attire, bumble bee baby uniform, etc. Many parents love to see their loved ones in such cute attires and thus opt for her dresses. Baby Dior is also a well-known brand in the segment of baby clothes. It is a sub line of well-established Christine Dior brand. Baby Dior has come up with a new meaning of baby fashion clothing with its fine, exquisite and attractive range of baby clothes. Esprit is another well-established name in the baby clothing industry.

Pumpkin Patch established in the year 1990 has come a long way in the baby clothing segment. It was initially opened as a mail order business but soon established its retail stores across various countries. It is operating in USA (www.pumpkinpatchusa.com); Ireland (www.pumpkinpatch.ie); New Zealand (www.pumpkinpatch.co.nz); United Kingdom (www.pumpkinpatch.co.uk) and Australia (www.pumpkinpatch.com.au). It has shown remarkable growth in the field of baby clothing and this cannot happen by magic. It offers high quality clothes at affordable prices to retain the customers. It follows the strategy to adapt its product line according to the tastes and preferences of the customers and does not mind going an extra step to satisfy its customers. Its irresistible schemes and discounts always help in enhancing the sale throughout the stores. People prefer this brand for its commitment to quality for several years in a row.

Little Dragon Flies is an established retailer of baby clothes. It offers various brands including - Letop, Mini basix, Mullins Square, rabbit moon, New Potatoes, Flap Happy, Zutano Sweet Potatoes Mini clasix, kidzee, baby dears, gossip girls, sweetie pie, kidorable, mud pie, spudz, pediped, etc. It offers a wide variety of designer clothing options for infants, toddlers, kids, etc. The strategy for success for this retailer is to offer best available options at discounted prices to attract the customers. Customer retention techniques like regular newsletters, information about on-going discounts and schemes is also followed here.

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