How To Become A Distributor For Baby Products?

Every parent wants to buy the best products for their babies. Baby products like baby diapers, baby combs, baby bags, baby feeding bottles, baby blankets, baby strollers, baby slings, baby oils, baby creams, baby shampoos, baby beds, baby walkers, baby toys, baby clothes, baby hygiene kits, baby first aid kits, etc. are in huge demand all over the world and are expected to have even a higher demand in the years to come. Thus many people have entered into the business of baby products to reap the benefits of increasing demand. There are various options available in this business like ? manufacturing baby products, becoming a distributor of baby products, opening an online store, etc.

To become a distributor of baby products, you must first decide what exactly you want to do. The available options include becoming a wholesale distributor or becoming a retail distributor of both. A wholesale distributor of baby products is one who buys in bulk from the manufacturing units and sells the products at a higher rate to the small retailers, thus earning a margin. A wholesale distributor does not sell directly to the end user of the product. On the other hand, a retail distributor of baby products is one who buys from manufacturing units or wholesale distributors in large quantities and sells to the final customer, making a profit from the difference in the buying and selling prices. You must decide on what role you want to play. It is recommended that rather than entering into both the options simultaneously, you must first choose one and slowly with time enter into the other and use the profits earned in one as an investment for the other. To choose a line you must compare various factors like ? initial investment on rent, materials, advertising, etc.; competition levels; personal preferences; etc.

Once the role is clear, the next task is to choose the line of products you want to sell. Whether you want to become a distributor of baby clothes? Would you be interested in selling only baby toys? Is it profitable for you to take up distribution ship of a number of baby products? Should you become a distributor of baby baskets? You must decide on the products you want to sell. The decision shall be based on a thorough analysis of product demand, availability, interest, choice, competition, storage space required, investment, links with suppliers, etc. You may choose to tie up only with one company which manufactures all the baby products and become an exclusive distributor of the same or get a distribution ship of a number of companies and sell variety of products.

Now you know what your role is and what products you want to sell. Further it is important to choose your suppliers. If you have planned to become a wholesale distributor you must choose the manufacturers of baby products. These can be established companies or home based businesses manufacturing baby products. If you have planned to become a retail distributor you must choose from various wholesale distributors or manufacturing companies. Make a list of the available suppliers and evaluate then on various factors. You must evaluate the potential demand, current sales trends, distributor ship costs, if any, etc. before making a final decision.

Once you have narrowed down to the final suppliers, you must approach the suppliers and complete the formalities involved. The formalities include signing a distribution ship agreement and making the payment of the security deposit or non-refundable fee. You must make sure to read the agreement thoroughly before signing it. You can also take professional help to understand any clause which is not very clear to you. Also, you must pay for the distribution ship only if you think that it is worth the amount and the amount will be recovered soon. It will not be a good business decision if you block your money in a non-profitable or less profitable option.

After completing the legal formalities, you must select a place of operation for your business. The location is of high importance for a retail distributor as the sale is dependent upon it to a large extent. If the place is not easily accessible and does not have sufficient space for the display of products, your sale might be negligible. For a wholesale distribution ship, you must choose a proper storage space to keep the products from the time they are purchased, till the time they are sold.

You must also start approaching potential customers and start your business of distribution of baby products in full flow. You must use adequate modes of advertising for the same. A wholesale distributor can send a marketing employee to the retailers in a particular locality to convince them for buying products from you. You can also participate in locality market meetings. The modes of advertising will be different for a retail distributor. He can place an advertisement in local newspapers or baby care magazines. The choice of the mode of advertisement shall be based on the reach, cost involved, expected increase in revenues, etc.

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