How To Buy Good Toys For Your Baby?

Baby toys business is showing an upward trend for the past many years. A lot of variety and options are available in the baby toys segment for babies in different age groups like ball poppers, cubes, soft toys, squeeze toys, musical toys, teething rings, bath toys, stacking rings, stacking cones, balls, basic puzzles, etc. With so many options to choose from, it is not an easy task to buy the perfect toys for your loved ones. You must take into consideration, various factors before narrowing down your choice for the perfect toy for your baby.

You can choose from a variety of toys depending upon the purpose they serve. For example teethers and rattlers help your baby when his teeth are about to come in the age group of five months to seven months; musical toys can be used in the evening to make your baby feel comfortable and slowly go for a sleep; bath toys help to make babies relaxed and have fun while bathing; walking toys like a walking dog or a walking rat can encourage the child to follow it and try to walk along; swinging toys can help your child enjoy on his own; etc. The large variety of toys serves a variety of purposes. However, you must make a choice depending upon various factors.

The first thing that you must consider is the likes and dislikes of your baby. Every child has different areas of interests and a different attitude towards his/her surroundings. You must carefully observe what are the things that your baby shows interest in, what are the thinks towards which he is indifferent and what things irritates him. These observations can help you a lot in choosing the perfect toys for your baby. For example, if your baby gets irritated when you switch on the radio or television, you might not go for a musical toy. On the other hand if your baby likes it when you put a soft pillow or a soft blanket besides him, you might choose a soft toy for him. It is not easy to observe the likes and dislikes of a child. You must be very careful in studying that. Sometimes when your baby looks at a toy in the hands of the other baby, he/she may demand for it. This can be a clue for you about his/her likings.

Secondly, you must select a toy based on the age group of the baby. You will be required to buy different toys when your child enters in a different age group. If you get a toy which is for a higher age group than your child?s age, it might be dangerous for him. On the other hand if the toy is for a younger age group, the baby might be indifferent towards it. Thus it is recommended to buy only those toys which are specifically designed for the age group of your baby. The packaging of the toys generally mention the recommended usage group for the toys.

You must also take into consideration the gender of your baby. It is a common belief that dolls and other girly toys are not preferred by baby boys and guns, cars and other boyish toys are disliked by baby girls. However, it is not always true. Thus, while choosing a toy for your baby you must consider the gender as well.

If your baby can tell through his gestures you about his likes and dislikes, you can also take your baby along with you for shopping of toys. Who knows the baby might make the buying decision very easy for you. You can show him different options at the store and leave him to pick any of them.

While shopping for baby toys, you must always remember that safety is of prime importance. The toys that you buy must be harmless and the material used shall not have any side effects on your child?s health. It is always better to buy one expensive quality toy rather than ten cheap toys which may harm your child. You must always read the safety advice mentioned on the toys before buying them. You can also check whether the toys pass the certification of a competent authority with respect to safety.

You must also keep in mind that toys that are educational can serve two purposes at the same time, i.e. education your child along with making your child happy. Thus you must always go for educational toys like colour recogniser, block building, musical toys that teach counting and rhymes, etc. You can always get involved with your baby to educate him in a fun way by these toys. Educational toys help your child in developing a sense of knowledge and understanding about basic things like colours, animals, counting, etc

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